Most Innovative Machinery/Equipment


DeMichele Group,

RhinoFab equipment was designed from the ground up for the specific needs of today’s contract glaziers, with the sole intent of the equipment to efficiently fabricate storefront and curtain-wall material. In the footprint of one machine, Rhino efficiently optimizes, cuts, drills, mills and labels an entire project’s metal in a single pass, through one workstation. Most solutions require dedicated space for each function (cutting, drilling, milling and punches) to accommodate what the Rhino does in one efficient footprint. Rhino minimizes floor space while limiting potential damage and loss caused by shuffling material between stations, according to officials.

The visually intuitive software allows a journeyman fabricator to operate the equipment, as it simply relates the holes and dimension to the stick in hand, rather than using CNC code or cumbersome third party machine code interpreters. The customer can increase their efficiencies with their current labor instead of investing in and training machine specialists who may not know or understand contract glazing, according to company officials.

By designing the Rhino to address the core business of customers, the company is able to offer a robust solution at a reasonable price. Customers pay for functionality that directly benefits their business, achieving material cut to size, with hole patterns and milling operations on the top, bottom and front of aluminum extrusions.

The Rhino team has most customers installed, trained and operational inside of a week, according to company officials.

The Rhino efficiencies enable the glazing contractor to bid more competitively and assist in acquiring more projects. The Rhino is a product of years of research and development, taking the entire scope of the glazing contractor into consideration.