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Digital Glass Visualizer, PPG Industries

Glass color is a key factor in the product selection process but often the most difficult for architects to visualize. To help them understand how a glass product will look when installed on a commercial building, PPG has developed a Web-based Digital Glass Visualizer that realistically renders glass products at different viewing angles and provides an accurate depiction of the glass’ visual aesthetics under various lighting conditions. Available at, the patent-pending technology is the first of its kind, PPG reports.

The product selection process within the Digital Glass Visualizer begins by searching for glass products based on color or key thermal properties such as solar heat gain, visible light transmittance or reflectance. Users can select and view a glass product at any point in the glass selection to specification process. Two glass products can be selected and digitally visualized side by side with a click of the mouse. The digitally rendered product can be rotated, allowing the user to see the effects of different lighting and viewing angles on the glass. This tool renders PPG glass products using the product’s data; L*a*b* data points are used for color, along with reflectivity and transmittance data. The L*a*b* color space exceeds those of the RGB color model, PPG reports.

“This is an impressive 3D mobile visualizer for any type of room,” says Glass Magazine Award Judge BJ Katz, principal/art director for Meltdown Glass Art & Design. “You can easily choose from amongst a variety of windows, colors and textures for visualization in any type of lighting situation, and can search by color idea or key thermal properties, offering infinite flexibility.”