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Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions' Envelope Analysis

Pella Corporation,

Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions launched an innovative Envelope Analysis service supported by a new software tool, co-developed with The Weidt Group, According to David Eijadi, principal in charge of Energy for The Weidt Group, “The Envelope Analysis portal leverages DOE2 from the Department of Energy, one of the most vetted, tried-and-true software calculating engines for computing hourly energy simulations of commercial buildings. On top of that, we’ve created a system that allows Pella and EFCO and their customers to define their building very quickly and very easily — in real time, over the Internet.”

The Envelope Analysis portal allows Pella and EFCO to run many whatif scenarios for their customers, to compare performance improvements from various combinations of Envelope Energy Conservation Measures (EECMs). “We’re doing variables on wall composition, glass characteristics, window frames, shading devices, insulation and air-infiltration. But we even go beyond that to also consider the implications of interrelated HVAC changes. It really is a whole-building analysis, truly unique and different from the component energy audit approach,” says Eijadi.

While much of the focus of improving a building envelope is on potential energy savings, there is another important benefit to consider: occupant comfort. Doug Phelps, senior business development manager for Pella, says, “We’re all accustomed to seeing space heaters and fans to help people feel more comfortable inside their personal space. Replacing windows can certainly improve occupant comfort, but until now it’s been fairly subjective. By adding an analysis of occupant comfort into the Envelope Analysis, we’re able to show a quantitative benefit in terms of savings.”

Pella’s Envelope Analysis portal analyzes the “before” and “after” surface temperatures of the windows and then, using a common ASHRAE standard, calculates the potential for reducing temperature set-points for heating or cooling. “Relaxing a building’s temperature set-points by only a few degrees can translate into real savings,” says Phelps. “Our Envelope Analysis tool is the first of its kind to put a real value on improving occupant comfort from upgrading window performance.”

The Pella portal tool is a key component of the new Envelope Analysis service offered by Pella EFCO Commercial Solutions. The service will be highlighted in Pella and EFCO’s booth at the 2014 National AIA Convention and related CEU courses. More information about Envelope Analysis from Pella and EFCO can be found by contacting a local Pella or EFCO sales representative.