Most Innovative Specialty Glass Project

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Family Resource Center Pavilion

Novum Structures LLC,

Novum Structures LLC was called upon to design and build a unique structure at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the resulting Family Resource Center Pavilion has become a focal point of the facility for patients, family members and friends, according to company officials.

Prior to the design process, the hospital solicited feedback from the families it serves, and two of the critical design elements that Novum took into consideration were uniqueness and comfort. The hospital wanted a space that made individuals feel like it was their very own, and Novum answered with a distinctly shaped, elliptical pavilion featuring a custom frit pattern on the glass.

To achieve the shape of the structure, Novum utilized its AES architecturally exposed steel for the support structure, its ECG edge supported glass system for the skylight, its PSG point-supported system for the vertical glass wall,and TR tension rod system for lateral bracing for the steel structure.

In addition, occupant comfort was achieved through maximizing the availability of natural light within the structure. The project features a range of glass types. The outer vertical sloping laminated glass consists of a 12 mm lite of clear heat-treated glass with a ceramic frit on the No. 2 surface depicting a birch tree pattern, a 1.52 mm PVB interlayer, and a 10 mm lite of clear heat-treated glass. The inner vertical laminated glass wall features a 10 mm lite of low-iron heat-treated glass, a 1.52 mm interlayer in “polar white,” and an 8 mm lite of clear heattreated glass. The skylight laminated glass make-up is a 10 mm lite of clear heat-treated glass, a 1.52 mm ODHD Vanceva interlayer (blue), and a 10 mm lite of clear heat-treated glass.

The architect was GBBN Architects Inc.,; the general contractor, Messer Construction, messer. com; and the structural engineer, THP Limited Inc.,