Most Innovative Storefront/Entrance Project

Lord & Taylor Ridge Hill, Yonkers, N.Y., Novum Structures LLC

Photos by Magda Biernat

After purchasing an existing building in Yonkers, N.Y., Lord & Taylor Retail Co. looked to revamp the structure with a unique storefront /entrance design that would create a “wow” factor among shoppers. Architecture firm Giorgio Borruso Design approached Novum Structures to develop a design/build solution for the glazing, and the resulting east wall features a glazed, free-form geometry that creates beautiful contours and thin horizontal “ribbons.”

“This retail store has a wild and fun free-form geometric façade,” says Glass Magazine Award Judge BJ Katz, principal/art director for Meltdown Glass Art & Design Inc. “This store design must be the talk of the town.”

Despite a limited budget, Novum was able to combine its Edge Clamped Glass System—an aluminum or stainless steel reinforcement for vertical, overhead and sloped glazing—and its Free Form System—a flexible solution for single-layer grid structures that accommodates free-form geometry—to deliver on project requirements. Efficiencies created by eliminating aluminum mullions, combined with a rapidly installed prefinished structure, delivered on all aesthetic and economic objectives. The 7,775 square feet of glass utilized for this structure consist of clear, insulating units—most cut in a triangular shape—with a low-E coating on the No. 2 surface. The largest rectangular panel measures 7 feet , 11 inches by 6 feet, 6 inches. Avic Sanxin was the glass fabricator for the project, overseen by the Lord & Taylor Construction Division.