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PPG Glass Education Center

PPG Industries,

The PPG Glass Education Center, designed by the Pipitone Group, Pittsburgh, is a comprehensive website created to be an objective, non-promotional resource that helps architects, specifiers, students and construction industry professionals learn about designing, specifying and building with glass.

The site also has two secondary objectives. The first is to provide an on-line repository for the institutional knowledge and expertise that PPG has accumulated over the past 131 years. The second is to impart that knowledge in a way that is familiar and appealing to a new generation of architects, specifiers and students.

The PPG Glass Education Center is divided into three sections. The first, “Glass Topics,” features a mix of videos, educational articles, slideshows, Glass Magazine Awards 2014 MOST INNOVATIVE WEBSITE graphics, infographics and illustrations. They cover basic topics from how glass is made and how low-E glass works, to more complex issues for industry professionals, such as:

• How to prevent thermal glass breakage

• How to specify large insulating glass units

• How heat-treated glass differs from heat-strengthened glass, and

• Designing glass for wind and snow loads

The second section, Glass FAQs, addresses nearly two dozen questions related to basic glass, safety glass and low-E glass. The third section, Glossary, provides definitions for dozens of industry-related terms and acronyms.

Content for the PPG Glass Education Center is continually updated and selected according to the questions PPG most frequently fields on its architectural glass website, during sales calls and through its call center. In the first year alone, the number of educational videos PPG has produced and posted to the site has doubled from five to ten.

So far, the PPG Glass Education Center has been extremely wellreceived. Traffic as measured by number of unique visitors has more than quadrupled in less than one year, going from 1,300 in the first month of activity to more than 7,500 in May 2014, according to PPG. In addition, the statistics from recent months show that nearly 20 percent of visitors have interacted with content from the site in the form of video plays, shares or downloads of printed material.