Nature-inspired glass greets visitors at Bank of America’s green tower

Courtesy of Avant Studios, Palm Desert, Calif.

"The glass is a one-of-a-kind custom texture, designed and created specifically for this project. The design is a highly detailed texture, with appearance similar to rough tree bark, which is of course fitting since it's installed in the ‘greenest’ skyscraper ever built. We call it a ‘crystalized’ tree bark." -- Chauncey Gannett, president, Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios Inc.

The basics:

David Shuldiner Inc. commissioned Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios to create specialty glass for the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park, New York, scheduled to be fully completed by year’s end. The project included a large glass cube suspended above the main lobby desk, glass secondary lobby ceiling and elevator portal accents. San Soucie sand blasted and etched their intricate tree bark design on low-iron, clear Starphire glass. Installed in June 2008, the glazing cost about $300,000.

The players:

Architect, Cook+Fox Architects, New York; glazing contractor, David Shuldiner Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.; glass designer and fabricator, Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios Inc., Palm Desert, Calif.; hardware designer and manufacturer, Allied Bronze LLC, New York.

The glass and systems:

Cube and ceiling glass consists of ½-inch tempered and elevator portal accent glass, ½-inch laminated. On one side of the glass, the bark texture was sandblasted about 1/16-inch deep and the background acid etched. The second surface remained polished only. A total of 359 pieces of glass cover 4,065 square feet. In the main and sub-lobbies, the glass is suspended from the ceiling using a metal clip system supplied by Allied Bronze LLC.