NGA and GANA: Combination FAQs

The National Glass Association and the Glass Association of North America continue to move forward in combining the two associations into one, strong and unified voice for the glass and glazing industry. The boards of directors for each association unanimously approved the combination in September 2017, and the membership voting process started in December. Leaders from both organizations presented updated FAQs about the combination, voting processes and next steps. 

Why combine NGA and GANA?

Combining the two glass associations will result in one, unified voice to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of:

  • Advocacy
  • Technical resources
  • Industry standards
  • Data gathering
  • Education and training
  • Industry events
  • Information sharing across our industry

How does the combination get finalized?

In early December, the NGA and GANA boards of directors resolved the final due diligence items and unanimously re-affirmed the combination. The organizations are taking the next steps, which include a strong recommendation for the respective memberships to vote in the affirmative as follows:

  • GANA’s membership votes to combine with NGA
  • NGA’s membership votes to change its bylaws to reflect the new combination structure and governance.

When will the combination be finalized?

Once the member voting process is complete and in the affirmative, the closing will likely occur in early 2018. 

What happens to existing task groups and committees?

Industry volunteers’ longstanding commitment has been an integral part of both GANA and NGA, and will continue to be critical to achieving the association’s annual and long-term goals as set by the board of directors. Following the consensus process, committees and task groups will focus on technical, codes, standards and advocacy priorities to advance the association’s aim to protect and strengthen the industry. 

The association staff will also continue to tap individual volunteers for “micro-volunteering” activity and projects, such as establishing course curriculum for education and training programs, writing questions for an industry trends survey or providing input on event programming. Micro-volunteering is a trend in the association world; it promotes engagement and delivers meaningful results. The approach can also be used for advocacy, with micro-volunteers serving as leaders in their state or region to encourage involvement in key issues.

Additionally, the Glazing Industry Code Committee and the Flat Glass Manufacturing Division will carry over to the new Association.

How were the combination decisions made?

The boards of directors of NGA and GANA appointed a Joint Task Force made up of members from both associations. The Joint Task Force met several times over the course of eight months to work through what the combined association would look like, covering governance, bylaws and the final transaction document. 

What happens next?

NGA and GANA have each appointed a joint Integration Task Force of three representatives to oversee and advise the board on transition and integration matters. The Integration Task Force was designated for this duty in the agreement drafted by the Joint Task Force and resumes the discussion following the conclusion of the combination transaction details and new bylaws approved by both boards of directors. This newly formed Integration Task Force will start by fleshing out the technical document development plan, refining the voting and approval process for technical publications, and determining the process to advocate for a formal position before a third-party code group when needed.

At press time, the GANA member vote was in process. The NGA member vote will take place in January 2018.

Members and non-members are encouraged to engage in a newly energized discussion about the future of the glass and glazing industry. That starts by attending upcoming industry events: GANA’s BEC Conference in Las Vegas, March 4-6; the Annual Conference in Napa, California, April 23-28; and GlassBuild America in Las Vegas, Sept. 12-14.

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