Redefining the interior

Glass is changing the look of today's buildings from the inside out

Great Glazing: Custom interior office
This commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels suspended from the ceiling. Created by Tulsa artist May Yang, the mural is based on local Oklahoma themes, transitioning from rural landscape to the Tulsa skyline.  

 Great Glazing: Joliet Junior College Campus Center
The new Joliet Junior College Campus Center in Illinois features glass ceilings throughout the interior. To install the glass ceiling in the circular-shaped dining room, glaziers from Waukegan Gurnee Glass Co. mounted 3/8-inch threaded rods to the I-beams and then hung Uni-Strut from the rods in a staggered pattern.

Great Glazing: "Encode/Decode"
The New York University Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory features a unique meeting space that reflects its culture of innovation and inspiration, exemplified by this 15-foot by 5-foot glass conference table. Fabricated by Galaxy Glass & Stone, the table was designed by artist Shuli Sadé. 

 Great Glazing: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
As part of the daylighting design, the building incorporates a fully transparent, interior, two-hour fire-rated glass stairwell enclosure that spans 14 floors. The stairwell’s transparent design allows daylight coming in the through the building’s all-glass exterior to further penetrate the interior, illuminating the space with natural light.