SteelEncounters Engages Employees with Company App

SteelEncounters app
The SteelEncounters’ mobile app provides employees with easy access to important company information, from safety tools to benefits to a staff directory. 

In recent years, leaders of SteelEncounters instituted a number of management strategies to boost engagement among its nearly 380 employees. Part of this ambitious strategy included the development of a mobile app that connects workers, improves and eases communication between team members, and distributes important company information and project updates. 

“To engage, we need to meet employees where they are,” says Tom Jackson, company president. “For millennials, this means employee apps, texts.”

The company dedicated five months to the development of the app, which allows all employees to have ready access to important company information, whether they are in the office or at the jobsite. To encourage adoption of the app, the company gave employees two choices: a benefit of $40 a month to download the app, or an iPhone from the company with the app installed. The app was rolled out in spring 2017. 

Initially, some employees were hesitant to adopt the app because the concept was so new, says Jessie Robertson, marketing manager. But acceptance and use has grown steadily. “Now they’ve come to rely on the usefulness of various functions within the app. … It has really bridged a gap and provided connection within the team,” she says.

The app offers a range of features, from a company directory that connects employees across all offices and jobsites, to a benefits section that provides access to all human resources materials, including payroll, and health and wellness. Push notifications allow for fast and easy distribution of everything from emergency notifications to companywide news, and a guide to current projects allows users to click on a project location and receive directions through Google maps. The app also includes a company store, where employees can easily purchase logoed clothing and tools, a references section with feedback from customers, and an “Our Wins” page with updates on new and completed projects.  

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