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H.J. Martin and Son
48. H.J. Martin and Son
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The annual Top 50 Glaziers list represents what Glass Magazine editors believe to be the largest contract glazing companies serving the United States, based on reported sales volumes. Glazing firms are then ranked within each sales category. 

Information from 47 of the Top 50 listed companies was reported directly to Glass Magazine from our Top 50 survey submissions, completed by each company, or from financial reports from publicly traded parent companies. In the instance that companies decline to provide information, we use independent sources to determine the most accurate ranking.

If your company belongs on the list, or you would like to update its information, please contact us. It is only with the cooperation of individual companies that Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers rankings can be as accurate as possible. Questions or comments about this year’s rankings, and requests to be included next year, can be sent to Norah Dick at


Permasteelisa North America*
Windsor, CT

Previous rank: 1
U.S. locations: Seven

*rank based on sales estimate, from parent Lixil Group Corp.’s FYE2017 Financial Results Summary.

$400-500 MILLION

Enclos Corp.
Eagan, MN

Previous rank: 2
U.S. locations: 15
Full-time employees: 631
Total employees: 634

$200-300 MILLION

Benson Industries
Portland, OR

Previous rank: 4
U.S. locations: 7
Full-time employees: 725
Total employees: 725

Harmon Inc.
Bloomington, MN

Previous rank: 3
U.S. locations: 16
Full-time employees: 558
Total employees: 561

Walters & Wolf*
Fremont, CA

Previous rank: 5
U.S. locations: Seven
Full-time employees: 700
Total employees: 700

*rank based on sales estimate

$100-200 MILLION

W&W Glass LLC
Nanuet, NY

Previous rank: 6
U.S. locations: One
Full-time employees: 200
Total employees: 200

Crown Corr Inc.
Gary, IN

U.S. locations: Four
Full-time employees: 300
Total employees: 300

GM&P Consulting and Glazing Contractors Inc.

Previous rank: 7
U.S. locations: Two
Full-time employees: 91
Total employees: 91

Binswanger Glass
Memphis, TN

Previous rank: 9
U.S. locations: 61
Full-time employees: 892
Total employees: 917

Elicc Americas Corp.*
Escondido, CA

U.S. locations: Two
Full-time employees: 73
Total employees: 73

*Elicc Americas Corp. is a new company on Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers list. The company shares members of its leadership with Jangho Curtain Wall Americas Co.; however, Elicc officials state the company is not officially affiliated with Jangho Curtain Wall.

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Norah Dick is assistant editor and researcher for Glass Magazine. Write her at