Viewpoint | TGP’s Jeff Razwick Talks of Growth and Change following Allegion Acquisition

Jeff Razwick
February 16, 2018

On Jan. 2, officials from Alle­gion Plc, a leading global security products and solutions provider, announced the company had acquired fire-rated entrance and wall system supplier Technical Glass Products through one of its subsidiaries. Current TGP President Jeff Razwick, who will continue to lead the business, spoke with Glass Magazine about the deal. 

How did this acquisition come about? Was TGP looking to sell? 

Selling was not our priority or focus. TGP and our space in the industry—this space of specialty fire-rated entrances and glass—has gone from very small niche to a much more popular solution for commercial and institutional buildings. Like any business, that growth, that popularity, brings opportunity and interest. It brings other players who are in that space. 

What drove Allegion’s interest in TGP?

They are smart about how they are approaching, how they are better serving, their key market segments in the years ahead. We are seeing a trend away from component-based business to solution-based business. The Allegion team sees the direction of the industry toward a complete specified solution, particularly when it comes to things like fire- and life-safety solutions. They are looking to offer integrated, complex, tested complete specified solutions. They are bringing together lots of parts and pieces into a system. … We’ve got to have a package solution for our customers. I think that speaks to what we’ve done and where we are headed. 

How will TGP benefit from being part of Allegion? 

Our core business, every area of our business, every functional area of our company stands to benefit from this partnership with Allegion. They have hundreds of spec writers with complimentary products. The in-house R and D will be beneficial. We will have more robust executive support for IT, HR and manufacturing. Internally, this will be very helpful. It will take us to the next level. 

What changes can customers and employees expect at TGP?

The immediate future is business as usual. Whether it’s our staff here, our partners, our customers, it will be business as usual.

In the long term, we expect more opportunities and better access to our products. … Allegion, our team, [will work to] grow opportunities, grow the business. But that is a process. The goal here is to drive more specifications, drive more opportunities that benefit everyone. How do we better serve our distributors and fabricators with projects in the field? How do we better serve architects with expertise, complete solutions and hardware? How do we provide a better product? It isn’t about a fire-rated door or window. It’s about a well-engineered solution. 

You mentioned long term growth potential for TGP, as part of Allegion. Can you describe what future growth might look like? 

We are going to be focused on expanding our current offerings and markets. From a market-based perspective, they are very strong in the areas where we are also strong—the commercial and institutional markets. How do we grow that together? We are also looking geographically for other markets where our technology will meet the needs of the market. 

Will TGP continue its activities in its other product categories, such as steel curtain wall?

Yes, we will continue to grow and pursue the steel curtain wall business. Steel provides unique advantages to the marketplace—large free spans; blast, ballistic and security benefits. There is a lot of potential there. 

Allegion might be a new name to some in the glass and glazing industry. Can you tell me more about the company and its current product offerings? 

Up until a few years ago, Allegion was Ingersoll-Rand. While you might not know Allegion by name, you would know Allegion’s brands. The company includes leading hardware for commercial and institutional projects in our industry—Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN closers, Steelcraft doors and frames, Republic doors and frames. Allegion brands include leading steel door and frame, and fire-rated door and frames in the industry. All of our industry depends on Allegion products in our commercial and institutional projects. We all know and use their brands, and depend on their brands, every day.  

Jeff Razwick is the president of Technical Glass Products (TGP), a supplier of fire-rated glass and framing systems, and other specialty architectural glazing. He writes frequently about the design and specification of glazing for institutional and commercial buildings, and is a past chair of the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) Fire-Rated Glazing Council (FRGC). Contact him at 800/426-0279.