The Worst Job Interview Questions

Would you hire this job applicant?

Here is a list of the worst questions asked by job applicants, according to 650 human resource and hiring managers.

  • "What job is this for?"
  • "Do I have to be at work every day?"
  • "Would you go on a date with me?"
  • "Do you want to take a ride in my new car?"
  • "What color is the paint in this office?"
  • "Can my husband finish this test for me?"
  • "Is the boss single?"
  • "Do you have a job for my partner?"
  • "What are the women who work here like?"
  • "Do you allow midday naps?"
  • "How much time do I have to put in?"
  • "Could I get a pay advance?"
  • "Can I place my desk near the cafeteria?"
  • "Could you help me find an apartment?"
  • "Can you help me with the employment test?"
  • "Can I get every Tuesday off?"
  • "How soon can I take my first vacation?"
  • "Can I have three weeks off every three months to pursue my music career?"
  • "Can I have my birthday off?"

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