2013 Top Glass Fabricators

A comprehensive look at the North American market, players and products
Jenni Chase
February 1, 2013


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Sales are slowly but surely on the rise among Glass Magazine’s Top Glass Fabricators, with 83 percent of this year’s survey respondents reporting an increase in 2011 over 2010 (at the time the survey was conducted in fourth quarter 2012, final sales figures for the the year were not yet available.) Employment levels at participating companies are also holding steady, if not increasing, according to the most recent survey.

To provide a comprehensive view of the glass fabrication market in the United States and Canada, Glass Magazine is introducing the following special report. In addition to the list of Top Glass Fabricators—based on annual sales volume—the report includes market statistics related to sales volume, product demand and acquisition plans. 

A series of maps showing fabricator locations, organized by product offering, will also be available as part of the 2013 Top Glass Fabricators Special Report available for purchase on GlassMagazine.com later this year.


About the list

Fabricator qualifications

Glass Magazine’s Top Glass Fabricators include companies that have stand-alone fabrication plants in the U.S. or Canada that service the glass and glazing industry. The list does not include float glass manufacturers that also have fabrication capabilities at their locations. These include:

  • Cardinal Glass Industries
  • Guardian Industries Corp.
  • Pilkington NSG
  • PPG Industries Corp.
  • Saint-Gobain

Glass fabricators include those companies that have stand-alone fabrication plants in the U.S. or Canada that service our industry (see sidebar). An exception to this rule is Tecnoglass. Although the fabricator’s manufacturing facility is located in Barranquilla, Colombia, its significant U.S. presence earned it a spot on the list.

The majority of the information included in the Top Glass Fabricators comes directly from the fabricators themselves. In cases where a company did not provide information, we gathered sales estimates and other data from industry insiders, business credit resources and the respective companies’ websites. Sales figures for these companies are shown as estimates. Although we provide specific sales data when it’s available, many privately-held companies do not release sales figures. As a result, fabricators are listed alphabetically within seven sales range categories.

While we don’t make any definitive claims about the Top Glass Fabricators list, we believe it reflects leading companies within this industry segment. If your company belongs on the list, or you would like to update the information published here, please contact us. It is only with the
cooperation of individual companies that Glass Magazine’s Top Glass Fabricators can reflect the industry as it is today. Questions or comments about this year’s lists, and requests to be included next year can be sent to jchase@glass.org.

Special thanks to ClearShield, Diamon-Fusion International, and Pilkington NSG, for sponsoring this year’s Top Glass Fabricators report.

Jenni Chase is editorial director of Glass Magazine, e-glass weekly and GlassMagazine.com. Write her at jchase@glass.org.