$35 million to $50 million

December 5, 2011
Cristacurva was the glass fabricator for this clubhouse in one of the most exclusive condominium developments in México City. The company worked in collaboration with artist Cecilia García Amaro to create a glass structure featuring an abstract mural. 

Cristacurva Glass

Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Website: www.cristacurva.com
Employees: 400
Certifications: PPG Certified Fabricator, Guardian Select Fabricator, IGCC/IGMA
Total number of locations: Two: One in the United States; one in Mexico
Fabrication locations and services:

  • Craftsman Fabricated Glass, Houston: Tempered, insulating, laminated and decorative glass; all-glass entrances; and shower enclosures
  • Guadalajara, Mexico: Tempered, insulating, laminated and decorative glass; all-glass entrances; and shower enclosures

The parent company of Craftsman Fabricated Glass, Cristacurva offers the following glass products, in addition to those listed: oversize flat and curved, curved tempered, curved tempered laminated, curved annealed and curved annealed laminated lites; Traxxion glass for glass floor applications; Controluz integrated glass blind units; PrivaSwitch glass; Creanza Design glass; structural glass; and sustainable glass products.

According to company representatives, Cristacurva offers technical support throughout all stages of a project; large job management support; production drawings and templates that are created in-house; as well as delivery and shipping to required destinations. 

Northwestern Industries*

Headquarters: Seattle
Website: www.nwiglass.com
Employees: Nearly 400
Certifications: PPG Certified Fabricator, PPG Certified Laminator, Guardian Select Fabricator
Total number of locations: Two
Fabrication locations and services:

  • 300,000-square-foot Seattle facility: Tempered, insulating and laminated glass
  • 100,000-square-foot Yuma, Ariz., facility: Tempered and insulating glass

*Annual sales volume is an estimate, not confirmed by the company.

NWI is also a producer of spandrel and silk-screened products.