AIA Expo 2019 Product Preview

Glass and glazing products on display
May 6, 2019

Ornilux Oversized Glass from Arnold Glas Co.

Arnold Glas will be showcasing the latest oversize production capabilities of its Ornilux Bird Protection Glass. Beginning in mid-2019 Ornilux will be available in sizes up to 126 inches by 472 inches. The company will also unveil its TopView coating product, which tackles the issue of iridescence in tempered glass. During the show, Arnold Glas will stage animations and mockups demonstrating its “Design Your Coating” service. Customized low-emissivity coatings make it possible to customize the performance and color of glass so that it interacts with the rest of the building and environment, and for a single IGU to be designed as a graded/blended coating. Booth #4328

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Solarshield Majestic Grey from AGC

Solarshield Majestic Grey from AGC Glass North America is a light grey tinted float glass, developed in response to continued architectural demand for a light grey, neutral, tinted glass with a high visible light transmittance. Available as a monolithic lite for use in laminated, tempered, heat-strengthened, bent configurations, or as part of an insulating glass unit, Majestic Grey can also be coated with an AGC Energy Select low-emissivity coating for optimal performance capabilities. With a visible light transmittance of 65 percent, Majestic Grey further expands AGC’s widest range of products and is ideal for mid- to large-sized projects. Majestic Grey can be specified in ¼-inch and 5/16-inch thicknesses. Booth #8309

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AGC offers AIA CE on the use of glass for architectural applications is available. Contact your AGC representative to schedule a session.


cero from NanaWall Systems

NanaWall Systems’ cero line of glass walls offers full floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels with recessed top and bottom tracks. Though they are extremely heavy, they can be opened and closed with a pinky, NanaWall reports. The minimalist design lends to a modern aesthetic due to its clean, uniform, thin lines. Cero’s double-glazed option combined with the flush sill has been tested and achieved STC 43, suited for interior applications requiring acoustical privacy. Booth #4925

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WA67 Folding Glass Wall from NanaWall Systems

NanaWall’s WA67 folding glass wall system mounts extruded aluminum cladding to a solid wood core with a spacer bar to secure the materials together. This allows for different expansion rates between materials to avoid cracking for durability in any climate. The WA67 is built to withstand any weather, company officials report, due to NanaWall’s proprietary evaporation chamber engineered to allow the wood and aluminum to expand and contract. The extruded aluminum is attached to the wood using the back ventilated, rain screen principle to protect and isolate the cross-grained solid, triple laminated wood on the inside. NanaWall will also show its AcoustiFold floor-supported folding glass wall with STC 45 rating, and SL60 folding door, offering energy efficiency and strong weather performance with European styling. Booth #4925

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NanaWall offers AIA CE Lunch & Learn opportunities with the new presentation, "Innovative Solutions for Architectural Challenges" at various NanaWall Design Studios and private venues on different dates over the course of the next three months. Click here for more information.


Guardian Bird1st UV Coated Glass from Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass will feature its soon-to-be-available Guardian Bird1st UV coated glass, as architects join government entities, industry groups and environmental organizations in seeking solutions to reducing bird collisions with glass. Bird1st UV coated glass can be combined with Guardian SunGuard coated glass products to bring value to new construction or retrofits by delivering desired performance and a neutral appearance with bird safety in mind. The product works with laminated glass to break up the reflectivity, making the UV vertical stripes visible to birds, but very subtle to the human eye. Bird1st UV coated glass joins Guardian SunGuard coated glass products combined with frit patterns. All products have been tested effective by the American Bird Conservancy. Booth #6907

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Guardian offers the following online AIA CE courses:

  • Oversize Glass: Performance and Specifications
  • Principles of Glass Selection for Facades: From Rendering to Reality
  • The Evolution of Glass and High-Performance Coatings
  • The Use of Laminated Glass in Architectural Design

Find out more here.

Architects can schedule a Guardian Glass AIA/CES seminar at their offices by clicking here.


Entice Entrance System from CRL

The Entice Entrance System from C.R. Laurence merges all-glass aesthetics with full-frame thermal performance. Ultra-narrow 1 1/8-inch vertical stiles produce virtually uninterrupted glass spans, while thermally broken framing and cladding delivers U-factors as low as 0.43 to meet stringent energy codes. Entice has the unique ability to support handle hardware—including tubular panic devices—on 1-inch insulating glass units using proprietary through-glass fittings. The system is NFRC rated and meets ASHRAE 90.1-2016 air infiltration requirements. Customizable finishes are available. Booth #6329

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Full Vision Bullet Resistant Door from C.R. Laurence

The Full Vision bullet resistant door from C.R. Laurence features a built-in continuous geared hinge to enhance security and reduce visible hardware, company officials report. The low-profile doorframe and door latch produce a streamlined aesthetic with unobstructed views—an alternative to bulky bullet-resistant doors. The system offers Level 1 or Level 3 ballistic protection per UL 752 testing standards. The system is for use with 1 ¼-inch Level 1 Acrylic or 1 ¼-inch Level 3 Lexgard in sizes made to order. Maximum leaf size is 48 inches by 96 inches. A lever lockset is included, with optional CRL PR90 surface mount door closer. Finishes include satin anodized, bronze anodized, and painted. Booth #6329

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YWW 60 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall System from YKK AP America Inc.

Debuting during AIA Expo 2019, YKK AP America’s YWW 60 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall is a versatile, high-performing window wall system designed to meet current design challenges. The system is designed to span from floor to floor, even at higher design loads. It also offers an option for a slab edge cover. The glass pane is set to the front to maximize thermal performance, which is also enhanced by YKK AP’s patented MegaTherm thermal break technology, providing dual finish capability. It’s designed to accommodate 1-inch glazing infill, or 1⁄4-inch infill using adapters. The system can be stick-built or shop-glazed in a controlled environment, with mullion options. Booth #7330

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YWW 50 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall System from YKK AP America

YKK AP America will also launch the YWW 50 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall, a versatile, high-performing window wall system. Its slab edge cover provides a modern, clean look and maximum design versatility, company officials report. It mirrors the look of curtain wall from a building’s exterior, while providing high thermal and acoustical performance at a lower cost. The system adapts to unique designs, like a continuously changing radius that creates a curved shape. The glass pane is set to the front to maximize thermal performance, which is also enhanced by YKK AP’s patented MegaTherm thermal break technology, providing dual finish capability. It’s designed to accommodate 1-inch glazing infill, or 1⁄4-inch infill using adapters. Booth #7330

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YKK AP provides Intermediate Level HSW classes online. They can be accessed here.

YKK AP America Inc. offers a number of opportunities for continuing education for architects. It is registered with AIA and credits earned on completion of the program are reported to AIA/CES for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for both AIA and non-AIA members are available upon request. They are all Intermediate Level HSW Classes, and are done via lunch and learn, online and at conferences. Find out more here.


Linetec's Aged Light Oak and Aged Dark Oak wood grain finishes for aluminum

Linetec offers Aged Light Oak and Aged Dark Oak wood grain finishes for architectural aluminum products. These new patterns, presenting the look and feel of weathered or reclaimed wood, expand Linetec’s offering to 16 standard wood grain options. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, these wood grain finishes are ideal for a variety of architectural components: canopies, handrails, interior and entry doors, interior wall panels, façade cladding systems, window and door framing, mullions and decorative accents. Linetec’s wood grain finishes for aluminum mimic the aesthetic of real wood without swelling, rotting or warping. Scratch- and corrosion-resistant, these finishes provide durable protection from UV rays and are impervious to humidity and insects. These finishes are applied to meet or exceed the AAMA 2604 standard. Booth #4735

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Linetec’s “Introduction to Coatings: Field Performance and the Application Process” and “Choosing Sustainable Finishes” are available as in-person presentations. Participants can earn 2.0 Learning Units (LUs) for successfully completing both courses. Email or contact a local area representative.


Acuity Glass from Vitro Architectural Glass

Acuity Glass is an affordable new vision glazing that eliminates the green cast inherent to conventional clear glass. It is available with the full line of Solarban solar control, low-emissivity coatings to create energy-efficient and highly transparent building facades. Vitro will use its presence at this year’s AIA Expo to advocate for avian research and support the glass industry's growing commitment to reducing bird strikes with commercial buildings. This follows last year's partnership with the National Aviary, when Vitro provided more than 3,100 panels of bird-safe laminated Starphire Ultra-Clear glass to renovate the 66-year-old glass canopy covering the facility's Tropical Rainforest exhibit. (See photo) Booth #9340

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Vitro offers many AIA CES courses online.


Argus Optical Swing Lanes from dormakaba USA Inc.

dormakaba’s Argus optical swing lane, launching for the first time at AIA Expo 2019, offers a formula for an architectural and integrative design, combining customers’ needs with the building requirements for ultimate access control, the company reports. Argus 40 is the most compact model suitable for limited space installation. Argus 60 is a longer version offering an increased safety level with a vertical strip installed as an additional scanner. Argus 80 appears solid and elegant, as the upper part is seamlessly worked in one piece with the vertical frame parts at the front and rear – as a Full Cast Layer. The equipment allows variation in designs including; security modules, color combinations, intuitive cue lights, ambient lighting and door heights. Booth #7935

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Bacon's Architectural Products

Bacon’s Architectural SunShades and Bacon’s Architectural Muntins are made from extruded aluminum, 6063 alloy, and can be finished in virtually any color Kynar paint or variation of bronze anodized finish. Generally intended for storefront and curtain wall applications, both BASS and BAM frames can also fit certain other fenestration systems. Frames are dictated by the DLO where the architectural-grade assembly will be installed. BASS louvers are equally spaced at the interval which provides the desired balance of shade, light, and energy savings, company officials report. Decorative BAM grids can be made to fit most DLOs; and the muntins are custom-spaced to provide the desired aesthetic. Booth #9135

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SuperClear 45-HS-LI from Safti First

Launching at AIA Expo 2019, Safti First’s SuperClear 45-HS-LI is an optically clear, low-cost, low-iron, fire- rated glass product for all 45-minute applications with hose stream in large sizes up to 3,880 square inches. SuperClear 45-HS-LI meets fire, hose stream and safety requirements without the use of wires, films or laminates. It is listed by UL and made in the USA, with fast lead times, company officials report. SuperClear 45-HS-LI offers an approximate visible light transmission of 90 percent. SuperClear 45-HS-LI performed better in an independent, third-party acoustical lab test against filmed and laminated ceramic in standard hollow metal frames. SuperClear 45-HS-LI has a 37 STC/35 OITC rating in standard hollow metal framing. Booth #7413

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Designing with Fire Rated Glass (1 AIA LU/HSW) by SAFTI FIRST is a must-have for all design professionals. This on-demand AIA-registered program empowers you to choose the correct code compliant glazing product for every fire-rated application. This on-demand program should be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection. To start taking “Designing with Fire Rated Glass,” please register.

We can present our in-person AIA-registered program "Code Considerations in Fire Rated Glass (1 AIA LU/HSW) to architecture firm, AIA Chapters, CSI Chapters, etc. at no cost. To schedule a presentation, please send an email to