Backsplash gallery: interviews with five suppliers

January 6, 2009

Company: Arch Deco Glass, Columbus, Ohio

Q&A with Howard Holesapple, decorative products manager
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “glass backsplashes”? [The backsplash] is the part of the kitchen that doesn’t get noticed. That’s where you put the toaster, the blender, the microwave and anything else that you would use on a regular basis. It was just the area under the kitchen cabinets. But now, with designers and decorators looking to step out “of the box,” we are using every part of the kitchen for design. The backsplash has become another avenue for design.
What kitchen and bathroom backsplash products do you offer? Here in the decorative glass division, I like to use the phrase, “you are limited by your own imagination,” from colors to aluminum films, as well as any digital image you can create.
What do customers need to know before placing an order? Lead times are determined by the chosen product and fabrication involved. Obviously, the less fabrication involved the faster the turnaround will be. You can get an exact lead time when you receive your quote. All lead times are provided when the quote is completed. Cost is as well determined by the intricacy and level of the design.
What are the specifications for most glass backsplash products? Anytime you put glass in an area that has the possibility of human interaction, it’s a good idea to use a safety glass product. In this case, it could be tempered safety glass or tempered laminated safety glass. If the edges are going to be exposed, it’s also a good idea to have the edges polished or beveled.
What are the durability and maintenance issues? Glass has a very hard surface, but it isn’t scratch resistant. In time you might see some scratches, but it is much more resistant than any paper or film with a design. It is also much easier to maintain.
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