From the editor: E-glass turns 1

Weekly electronic newsletter celebrates milestone
By Matt Slovick
July 1, 2007


Matt SlovickDuring a recent staff meeting at the National Glass Association in front of about 40 employees, Phil James, the president, talked about how much the organization has grown. He told a story about his first NGA Christmas party, which consisted of five people sitting around a table at a restaurant.

He also recognized employees who became parents—and grandparents—while working for the NGA.

Well, a Glass Magazine baby celebrated a first birthday June 14.

On that day a year ago, the electronic newsletter e-glass weekly was born.

The matriarch of e-glass, as we call it, is Katy Devlin. Throughout those 12 months, she fed it, burped it, changed it, had many sleepless nights and at least one serious anxiety attack. 

She’s been a good mom.

e-glass weekly screenshotAs all parents know, amazing things happen during that first year of life. The baby triples its weight and grows about 10 inches. At one year, many babies are beginning to take their first steps and say their first words. 

E-glass had plenty of growth and changes as well.

During its first year, 193 articles have been published along with 52 Great glazing project features. 

In a recent subscriber survey, 94 percent of respondents gave an excellent, very good or good rating to the newsletter’s coverage of important industry news and trends. Eighty percent said it’s relevant and useful.

“I love it,” says Ken “Chip” Merritt Jr., president of Merritt Glass Co., Pensacola, Fla. “It’s such an easy format. It saves me time. Plus the information is excellent.” 

Let me take you back to conception in 2006. Glass Magazine decided it was time for a reliable weekly e-newsletter that reports on the news and trends that help glass businesses grow. We polled our print magazine subscribers and they said they wanted glass industry news coverage, financials and new glazing projects—all in a quick and easy read.

The decision also was made to send the news-letter once a week. That instinct seems correct since 61 percent believe the frequency is plenty. 

Unlike other e-newsletters that package materials that have already been published along with unedited news releases, e-glass creates original content. The newsletter’s coverage has included series on wired glass, labor, immigration, family business, green buildings and human resources.

“We continue to find this weekly information very helpful and interesting,” says Bob Carter, glass division manager, Salem Distributing Co., Winston- Salem, N.C. “I especially enjoy the polls.”

NGA added another family member in September 2006 when WDweekly began entering e-mail boxes. The Window & Door magazine’s newsletter is geared toward window and door manufacturers, distributors and dealers. It features latest news headlines, links to industry-related Web content and The Talk ..., an editorial column and poll. Recent Introduction is a new product feature, and “Tip of the Week” includes marketing ideas and will soon add other topics.

If you don’t receive the e-mail newsletters, go to or to sign up.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities,” says Eda Le Shan, an American author. 

So, what possibilities are ahead in the e-glass toddler years?

Based on feedback, we made a couple of changes in mid-June that include a streamlined look—following the latest e-newsletter design trends—and added product coverage.

You can expect the original reporting, enterprising series and polls to continue. We will evaluate fresh ideas, and implement the ones that make sense.

We’re actually looking forward to the “Terrible Twos.”