Inside the glass kitchen

Great Glazing projects
November 29, 2012

GreatGlazing: Argento Vivo kitchen

This New York City home features the new Argento Vivo designer kitchen, with tall curved glass cabinets and glass countertops.

GreatGlazing: Custom green backsplash

A large, custom green, glass backsplash is the centerpiece of this recently renovated kitchen in a 1909 Colonial home in Stamford, Conn.

GreatGlazing: Sleek, modern kitchen renovation

The owners of this Olmos Park, Texas, residence transformed the existing dark kitchen into a sleek modern space, with a notably thick glass countertop.

GreatGlazing: White glass residential kitchen

The kitchen of this private residence in Germany features White glass counters with polished edges, and a white glass kitchen backsplash.

GreatGlazing: Backlit thick glass countertops

The Humes Residence in Southern California features a modern style kitchen with ThinkGlass countertops.

GreatGlazing: Custom colored glass shelf

The renovation of a kitchen in Minneapolis included the installation of a custom blue glass shelf mounted over the kitchen sink.

GreatGlazing: Kitchen black backsplashes

A recent renovation of a kitchen in San Francisco included installation of a large black glass backsplash.