Viewpoint: Tom Trainor

October 15, 2010

In an interview with Glass Magazine, Tom Trainor, president, Trainor Glass Co., Alsip, Ill., and board member for the National Glass Association, McLean, Va., discussed the current market and his expectations for the year ahead.

GM: Looking at the GlassBuild America 2010 trade show floor in Las Vegas, what should the industry be optimistic about?

Trainor: I see the show as a way to build and grow relationships within the industry. There were many new products and innovative ideas within our industry that will allow us to offer our customers more choices and new options. The buzz overall was upbeat and optimistic, and the exhibitors that I talked with were satisfied with the activity on the floor.

Have you experienced an increase in commercial retrofit projects? If so, to what do you attribute this?

We have seen an increase in bidding activity, as well as sales. We attribute this increase to creation of projects that are aesthetically appealing to tenants [and address] energy concerns and sustainability.

How has the economic slowdown impacted your company?

Trainor Glass has taken action to become even more efficient as a result of the economic slowdown. By evaluating all of our costs, and continuing to refine and streamline all of our processes, we made sure we are as lean as possible.

What are your expectations for 2011?

There continue to be new projects coming out, though we are prepared for a challenging year within the construction industry. To capture more business, we need to be certain to offer the best overall value to our customers: quality, service and price.

Lastly, the solar market garnered a lot of attention this year at GlassBuild America. How is Trainor currently involved in the market and what are its expectations in terms of growth?

Trainor is very active in the growing solar market, working on BIPV as well as roof-mounted systems. We believe this is a growth market for Trainor Solar, with both private and government initiatives helping to fuel that growth. We will continue to pursue aggressively.