'American Idol' loves glass

—By Katy Devlin, e-newsletter editor

Well, more accurately, "American Idol" contestant Josh Jones loves glass.

Jones, a 26-year-old lead installer at Binswanger Glass Co. in Atlanta, graced America with a lesson on glass before moving to the music during the Feb. 5 episode of "American Idol." "I have a passion for glass," Jones said during the show. Click on the video below to watch the segment.


“When they learned I worked in glass, they were really intrigued,” Jones said during a phone interview. “People from all backgrounds audition for the show, but apparently they’ve never had a glass guy.”

Jones, a seven-year industry veteran, started working in a glass shop in Jacksonville, Fla., before moving to Binswanger Glass in Greenville, S.C. He transferred to Atlanta in January 2007. “I install frameless shower doors—that’s my expertise,” Jones said.

Jones’ passion to glass is rivaled by his devotion to music. He has been singing since he can remember and heads up the Atlanta three-piece band Josh Jones Machine.

“If you were to throw Coldplay, David Bowie, Dave Matthews and Yes into a bucket, shake it and pour it out, that would be Josh Jones Machine,” he said.

Marty Mahoney, Binswanger Glass branch manager in Atlanta, said Jones finds a way to make music at the shop. “We knew when he transferred to our branch that his aspirations were in music,” Mahoney said. “We have quite a few musicians and from time to time they stay back in the shop, set up equipment and play. … He’s very talented.”

Watch "American Idol" at 8 p.m. Feb. 12 on Fox to see Jones hit Hollywood for the final round of auditions.


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