Be a Part of Glass Magazine

Being featured in Glass Magazine allows industry companies to connect with customers, introduce new products and recent projects, share company news and recognize the achievements of employees. Highlighting a company’s work and its workers in the magazine can foster pride and ownership among employees, while demonstrating achievements to customers.

As we enter a new year at Glass Magazine, I wanted to take some time to remind readers of the various editorial opportunities available to industry companies. Whether it’s a product introduction, a personnel announcement, breaking news or an innovative project completion, Glass Magazine wants to know what’s happening at your company.

Below are top editorial opportunities, with links on how to submit. For additional coverage opportunities, feel free to write me directly at the email below. We look forward to working with you in 2018. (Note: For readers interested in learning about advertising opportunities, click here.)

New products

Glass Magazine runs an Industry Products section in every issue that features descriptions and photos of new product offerings. Companies submit a press release announcing a single, new product introduction.

People news

Glass Magazine runs updates about new hires and promotions as news at, in the e-glass weekly e-newsletter and in every issue of the magazine.

Innovative projects

Glass Magazine spotlights innovative glass projects in its weekly Great Glazing project features, which run in the e-glass weekly newsletter and on The Great Glazing project features will also be considered for publication in the magazine.

Great ideas

Companies from all parts of the glass and glazing industry have implemented innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to improve business from the ground up. The Glass Magazine article series Here’s an Idea… showcases these sometimes small behind-the-scenes ideas that can make a big impact on a company’s bottom line.

Top lists

Glass Magazine recognizes leading North American industry companies in its top list programs: Top Glass Fabricators, Top 50 Glaziers and Top Metal Companies. For more information on how to submit to the various programs, contact Assistant Editor Norah Dick,

Award programs

The annual Glass Magazine Awards recognize the incredible potential of architectural through its innovative project and product awards. The magazine also launched a popular Reader Photo Contest that allows readers to submit the behind the scenes photos from the factory floor to the job site. The submission processes for both programs begin in April. 

Katy Devlin is editor for Glass Magazine. E-mail Katy at


My company is seeking a project manager who is experienced in glass and metal fabrication/installation. We are based on Long Island and most of our projects are in the NYC area. Would you know of any resources for this particular industry?