Better, faster, stronger is the name of the game

You have heard it before: Relationships are everything. And in today's market, this all too familiar saying holds more weight than ever.

We have seen the economy affect the industry in a multitude of ways, some more difficult than others. However, one aspect of the business that has not slowed down – and in fact, I venture to say has increased – is aggressive project schedules. Each and every job that comes through is important, and if a vendor or contractor cannot meet the strict timeframe, it runs the risk of losing the project.

We're seeing many factors contribute to this trend. Although times are tough, code development has not slowed down. And with that, there is an ever-increasing need for higher-performing glass products to meet strict codes and regulations. Because these codes are changing quickly, this can and has affected the timeframe of many projects. Capital expenses are also limited, so if a project is prolonged, it runs the risk of actually running out of capital. So better, faster, stronger is the name of the game.

What's the connection between this trend and the ole' saying, "relationships are everything"? Well, providing the customer with ways to quickly expedite a project takes customer service to a whole new level. At the end of the day, it enhances that customer relationship. So the more we can work together to meet this increasing need, the more successful we will be, independently and collectively as an industry. 

Turner is vice president of marketing for YKK AP America. Write him at

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