CRL brings USAC back...

Well, that slow cycle of news in our industry didn't last very long did it? Last week, two big stories hit. First was the news that C.R. Laurence acquired U.S. Aluminum. CRL has been a force in the industry for many years, and this maneuver continues to solidify that fact. The interesting part starts now for the gang at CRL, as they rebuild USAC and put the pieces back in place. They made a great first move by getting Tom Harris back in the fold. Also worth watching will be how CRL puts USAC back in the game. Will it be nationally, or more on a regional basis out of the gate? And how will the return of this capacity affect that side of the industry? Seemingly never a dull moment around here. Also to note, a lot of the props for this deal will automatically be directed to Don Friese and family--and they deserve them no doubt--but without question, CRL doesn't keep growing without the steady hand and influence of President Lloyd Talbert. That guy is the straw that stirs the drink there, and a brilliant businessman.


  • The other major deal reported last week was the sale of gigantic glazier Permasteelisa to JS Group out of Japan. While Permasteelisa is a massive player in the world of glazing, this story is nowhere near as big as the one above. Nonetheless, still fascinating to follow.
  • I really enjoyed Bill Evans blog post from last week. I'm afraid with how crazy last week was with the holiday, people might have missed it. If you did, you can click HERE to read it. The best part was his item at the end with the value of a book vs. lunch. Now that is truly food for thought!
  • The glass industry, and specifically Guardian, got great coverage this past weekend with an article in the Indy Star out of Indianapolis. The home décor writer of the paper wrote a piece on how glass really is great and gave some serious love to the folks from Guardian and their products. Any time our world can get positive mainstream coverage like this, it's a major victory.
  • Fun one to think about: the start of bread coming in slices hit 83 years ago this week. So that was the beginning of "sliced bread," which begs the question, what was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread? And comically, the younger generations are totally lost on the whole "better than sliced bread" concept...
  • Well, the big Seattle-Portland MLS game was Sunday afternoon and the atmosphere was really electric, even watching on TV. If you took the graphics down and just listened to the crowd, you would have thought you were watching a game being played in Europe. Great second half, and Seattle came back twice from deficits to win. So for my Seattle friend Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP, a sweet victory for his town. I am sure a "told ya so" email is coming my way!
  • Last this week, how can you not salute the greatness of Derek Jeter? The guy has been a clutch player his entire career and has lived in the most glaring spotlight possible, yet has never had anything close to a mis-step. From all accounts, he is just a solid citizen. And he also knows how to please a crowd: a homer to get to 3,000 hits as part of a five-for-five day! I think Jeter right now sits as the next unanimous Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, without question. 

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He cannot be the next as there has never been one.So you actually think he should be the first unanimous selection ever; you put him ahead of someone like Mays or Ruth. He will get in without any question but it won't be unanimous my friend.

Thank you Mr. Goldner for the comment. I think Jeter is the guy that can win over the voters because no one holds any grudges towards him- he has no enemies that i can see and just plays it the right way -no doubt it can change but if they voted tomorrow he gets 100%

Now knowing you, your probably still fired up that Hines Ward blew his chance at first ballot entry with his bad weekend. Ward gets in but on try 2 now.

Thanks for the post!