Dream Big with FeneTech at GlassBuild America

Here at FeneTech, we’re engineers by trade, but we wouldn’t be the company we are if we weren’t also dreamers. We’re currently working to turn one such dream into reality. Dream along with us.

Imagine that as a glass fabricator or a window manufacturer

  • Your machinery could tell you when to plan scheduled downtime maintenance in real-time.
  • All machinery in your plant, regardless of manufacturer, communicated in the same exact way, eliminating the need for proprietary interfaces.
  • You have the ability to receive alerts and alarms from this centralized system so that you can manage by exception rather than by monitoring everything individually.
  • Your ERP system could dynamically adjust your plant capacity and lead times based on real-time machine performance, not theoretical assumptions that once set are rarely changed.
  • Your ERP system could automatically create and issue purchase orders for needed machine parts in a just-in-time fashion.
  • Environmental conditions in your plant could be monitored and alerts provided as necessary based on temperatures, humidity or other variables.

As a machinery manufacturer

  • You could view the operational status of all your machinery in the field by customer or by product type.
  • You could proactively schedule service calls based on real-time, in-the-field analysis of machinery.
  • You could proactively schedule the shipment of required machine parts and eliminate “rush” orders.
  • Your machinery could send you alerts when it is being operated outside of warranty conditions.

As a components manufacturer or supplier

  • You could easily see the inventory levels of all the materials you supply by region or customer.
  • You could easily see the forecasted requirements of the materials you supply by region or customer.
  • You could proactively schedule the shipment of materials to customers based on this data.
  • By analyzing real-world, real-time forecasts, you could see the future.

The way to turn these visions into reality is to develop a baseline communication standard that will allow all machinery, software and suppliers to talk the same language. FeneTech is taking the initiative to lead an industry standard that we’re calling FENml. FENml (fenestration manufacturing language) provides the backbone for these dreams and the foundation for bringing to life the concepts of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

FeneTech is hosting informational meetings on this initiative at GlassBuild America in Atlanta on September 12 and 13. Please contact us for details and register to attend.

Join us and share in the excitement of turning this dream into reality.

Ron Crowl is president of FeneTech Inc. Contact him at ron.crowl@fenetech.com.

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