An election to remember

Much has been written lately about how poorly our federal government is run. And, to be sure, "official Washington" leaves much to be desired.

There is a nagging void at a number of levels.

Congressmen seem more focused on toeing the party line and raising money for re-election than on serving their constituencies. Combine that with a lame-duck administration whose leadership must be questioned (you don't know how hard it is for me to admit that!), and most of us are left with a yearning for someone – anyone! – who will inject some sanity into the madness.

The passage of the Wall Street bailout bill was important and necessary; but by no means does it resolve the many issues weighing on our nation.

In just a short three weeks, you and I will cast our ballots for the candidates we choose to lead our nation through one of its most challenging periods.

At roughly the same time, Steve Mort, CEO, Don's Mobile is being elected chairman of the National Glass Association. Among his key priorities, Steve is committed to unifying the various segments of the glass industry during his tenure. As Belron CEO Gary Lubner recently observed in a well-timed video interview, it would be good if our industry united under one banner. Well, you know where this writer’s heart lies. I believe it is safe to say that Steve and I are on the same page, too.

I know most of us are struggling to contend with a historically difficult economic environment; but I urge you not to waiver on your support of, or involvement with, the NGA. I’ve been encouraged by the commitment our members have shown to their association during this tough cycle. Now more than ever, we need all the energy and unity we can muster. Fortunately, the NGA has picked an opportune moment to be at the top of its game.

In the coming year, the NGA will underscore its leadership role with frequent, deliberative communications in a proactive effort to galvanize glass shops of all shapes, sizes and industry segments behind a common goal.

We will collaborate with like-minded groups, as always; but more importantly, expect the NGA to ramp up its commitment to you. That work has already begun with recent improvements to our magazines,, NGA certification, GlassBuild America, the Glass Management Institute, and so much more. But, I’m pleased to say, the best is yet to come!

We should all pray that the same will be said for our nation. I certainly believe that is the case. That’s why I will be exercising my right to vote on Nov. 4; and I hope you will as well. I urge you to encourage your employees to vote as well. After all, our nation is at a critical crossroads. It’s more than the typical cliché to say that this may be the most important election of our lifetimes.

Vote well, my friend. And if you live in Chicago, vote often!

By David Walker, vice president, Association Services, National Glass Association


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