From the Fabricator: 1 Trillion

On the heels of last week's note about the down ABI, an opposite and very positive trend emerged this week. For the month of April, the seasonally adjusted annual rate of construction spending topped the $1 trillion mark for the first time since November 2008. Any time you see a stat that refers to the “first time” since pre-Great Recession, it is surely something to note. Combine this with a very positive trend on the put-in-place investment numbers, and right now things are surely moving in the right direction.


  • At the end of June, Jan Rogan of PPG is retiring, which is a huge loss. She is one of the greatest and nicest people in the industry. Anyone who has ever had the honor of dealing with Jan will miss her. I’ve been lucky enough to know Jan for most of my professional glass life and will always be grateful for her help and assistance along the way, not to mention seeing her smiling face at various trade shows. We will miss you, Jan. Enjoy retirement; you deserve it!
  • Props to the folks at IGMA on their latest bulletin on Vacuum Insulating Glass. There’s no question that VIG is something that intrigues many. The potential has been staring people in the face a long time, but getting it into a mass production scenario has always seemed to be the bugaboo. IGMA putting out this document will surely help educate the masses about this product line and give decision makers the proper insight on where and why this technology may work.
  • I’m a month behind with my normal “best ad of the month in Glass Magazine” thoughts. But actually for this month I am skipping the ad and giving kudos to the Here's an Idea... article on the very last page. The folks at Hale Glass have their own internal training program, and the article there breaks down what and why they do what they do. It’s an excellent read, and congrats to Brian Hale and everyone at Hale Glass for making themselves—and in effect the industry—better!
  • Anyone have an Apple Watch? Curious if you like/use it. Why do I have a feeling former glass industry star Scott Surma will be the one to tell me he has one…?
  • Another question while I am at it: does anyone really believe that driverless cars will make it in our world? I know several major players are experimenting with this, but I just can’t see it working at any sort of level in our society. Too many moving parts and pieces, but the big thing is liability. Especially in the United States. The liability issue curbs tons of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial approaches on a daily basis; this one would get trampled by it.
  • Last this week, a great link that anyone in the glass industry will enjoy—Hollywood making the crash through a window look “safe and easy.” All of us surely know how it really is! The link lists four other things that Hollywood makes different than reality as well. Good stuff.

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