From the Fabricator: 2018 Prediction Results

Before we can really look into 2019, time to take a look back at 2018. Did my predictions come close or did I fail like I do when I try to pick winners in sporting events? Let’s take a look:

1. Trucking will be a bigger challenge
I believe it was tough, but was it a bigger challenge and did the Department of Transportation rules change anything? I am not sure. I know it’s a constant battle, but I’m not sure it cratered the way I thought.

2. Going big
I felt that sophisticated glazing would be in style, and in 2018 it was. No matter how challenging the project, it could be done and there were multiple avenues to get it done.

3. Security glass goes wild
I had this prediction in 2017. I had it in 2018. Believe me, I am putting it on the list next week for 2019. It was a better year for security glass, especially in the school segment. Sadly, the need is there.

4. Private equity in and out
I thought we’d have some exits along with new players. No exits, but plenty of new and aggressive PE’s are on the scene now. Half-right here.

5. NGA and GANA will merge and be great in the end
The merge formalized, and slowly, but surely the unified voice is really finding its footing. This was a massive undertaking and I am still extremely confident that it’s going to be a great thing. So far, so good; with streamlined efforts in place, this will only continue to evolve and improve.

I was not too far off, overall. Better than my pick for the Super Bowl this year, the Carolina Panthers. Oops. Anyway, next week we’ll have my predictions for 2019.


  • I had a lot of reaction to my overall economic look for this year and into 2020. Most of the reaction was that the positive indicators are outweighing the negative. That was very good to hear. We’ll keep on it. Still, I think we’re going to see a dip in the next ABI and I’ll be curious to see if a trend develops.
  • NGA Annual Conference is coming up fast! Have you looked at it or made arrangements yet? The keynote speech by Lisa Rammig is an absolute must-see. Staying ahead of codes, guidelines, and the technical movements in our world is crucial too. Click here to register.
  • I came across an older article about trends in smart hotels; there’s some specific areas that affect our world, specifically the modular building, which I have noted many times. It will be fascinating to see how that and some of these other trends take off.

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