From the Fabricator: 700!

Thirteen years ago, I decided to start a blog. I wanted a place to vent and educate and be able to network with others. I launched in 2005 (when blogs were very rare) and started slowly, but then picked up and started to post every week (usually 48-50 times per year). And now with this post, I have reached number 700. Yes, 700 posts covering subjects from my overall observations of the glass industry including: NFRC, China, solar, acquisitions, bankruptcies, trade shows, products, codes and more. I am amazed that it has lasted this long! It is an absolute thrill to run into someone and they note they’ve read my blog. For those of you who read me weekly or read me once in every blue moon, thank you. I truly appreciate the support and I look forward to blogging for many years to come!


  • One of my favorite subjects in those 700 posts was GlassBuild America—either previewing it, commenting on it, or noting everyone I was lucky enough to run into. So on that note, it makes sense for me to mention that registration for the 2018 show is now open as of the end of last week! You can go ahead and get registered and get your hotel and housing taken care of. This show is going to be very strong this year. The combination of last years’ effort being hampered by Irma (people unfortunately unable to attend) and an incredible line-up of exhibitors (tremendous variety and continuing to grow each day!) means everything from top-notch networking to incredible education and growth opportunities will be there for you September 12-14 in Las Vegas.

  • The Vanceva World of Colors contest: if you have a job that meets the parameters, hurry and get that submission in by April 30!

  • Speaking of job submissions for great awards, the Glass Magazine Reader Photo Contest is now open for submissions. Every year the pictures get more interesting and intense and they are great to show how our industry operates. Check out the link, and if you have a great shot, get it in!

  • I noted last week I would be watching the latest release of the Architectural Billings Index closely. And, unfortunately, the ratings while still on the positive side were shaky compared to previous months and the political adventures with the tariffs were starting to have an effect. “Anxious” is the word the experts are using, and it will now bear watching if that anxiety finally pushes the index down to a negative level across the board next month. 

  • Last this week, the China Glass expo was last week and there were many from North America in attendance. I was not since I am not sure if I would be allowed, but that’s another story for another time. (Those of you who saw me at GlassBuild America 2007 would probably know why.) In any case, I am curious to get feedback from those who were there to get a feel for the marketplace with regards to importing, the tariffs and the overall economic atmosphere.

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