From the Fabricator: AIA Recap and GEF Must-Dos

Plenty of rundowns came my way about the AIA show and the majority of reports were that it was not very good for the exhibitor. That’s never a surprise since AIA is not ever geared to take care of or support the folks on the floor, but this year I think it may push people off the bus finally. Our industry desires architects the way I desire pizza—intensely—but when you are spending six figures for minimal return, it may be time to recalculate the approach. AIA next year is in Los Angeles, which has people tempted, but I just can’t see it being any better because the show model is what it is, and always will be.

For additional perspective this very good recap, along with very helpful insight, from Mark Mitchell is worth checking out.


  • The agenda is out for the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild and it is dynamite. Aside from the yearly economist talk, there’s an awesome pair of presentations- “A New Type of Glazier: From Glass Company to Building Enclosure Expert” and “Labor Power Hour: Engage Your Front Line to Increase Your Bottom Line”—both of these sessions will be worth the price of admission and then some. Seriously look hard at this: link is here.
  • If you are exhibiting at GlassBuild, make sure you check the last email you received from the show and take advantage of the free webinar on “Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic” —it is a fabulous session and worth your time.
  • Personnel news: an old friend lands in a new spot. The great Bob Cummings has taken over the role of vice president of architectural sales and marketing for Consolidated Glass Holdings. Bob is one of those guys that everyone loves. Not likes. Loves. So, I am sure there are many thrilled folks out there especially having him back in the fabrication side of our industry. Congrats to Bob on the new gig and it will be nice to have him back in the mix at all of our events!
  • At the end of the month the bi-annual Glass Performance Days will take place in Finland. This event is the international home for excellent technical insight for the glass world and features education in many different ways and settings over its time period. In addition, a major award will be presented, the Jorma Vitkala Award of Merit will be handed out during the opening reception and there’s a ton of very good and interesting candidates up for it. Click here for more details on the award and the nominees. Personally, I’d love to see Ren Bartoe win it as a fitting cap on his epic career in the business but there’s no bad candidate on the list.
  • Last this week, I was on an excellent webinar about travel security with regards to electronics. Learned amazing insights on the dangers in USB ports and airport boarding passes along with other dos and don’ts—shred boarding passes and luggage tags when done, the bar code contains a ton of info on you. The moderator also put up a slide of the riskiest airports with regards to Wi-Fi and data. Heads up, here they are:

5) Newark: having spent so much time there in my life, this does not surprise me.

4) Southwest Florida, Ft. Myers: shocking at first but then you think, snowbirds could be great targets.

3) Houston Hobby: I have never flown in or out of there, so no idea.

2) John Wayne: whoa pardner—the Duke would not be happy with his name on a “risk list” like this.

1) San Diego! This stuns me. I love San Diego, and I love that airport, so it’s amazing that your data and privacy may be more in play there anywhere else.

Fellow road warriors, be aware when you are in these airports—use your VPN to stay safe!

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