From the Fabricator: Award and Interview Season

A couple of fun ones to cover at this top of the post this week. First, the single most prestigious award program in the entire glass industry is now open for nominations: The Glass Magazine Awards for 2019 launched last week and I am so excited to see the process play out. There are so many great categories that will really show off the extreme talent in our industry. So check out the link and get your projects and products in!

Also, my summer interview series, “The Big 3,” is back again. Last summer I interviewed several people from many different walks of life in the glass and glazing universe and I’m doing it again this year. I already have nine people on my wish list, and I am starting to reach out now. If all goes well, I’ll start rolling out the first one in the next few weeks, and it will run through the next few months. 


  • Congrats to the folks at Guardian Glass on their new website. A nice advancement on the previous version, layout is solid for user experience and the video piece in center of screen works well. Tons of info on there too. Good job to all involved!
  • New fun follow on Twitter is Cursed Architecture Find it @CursedArchitect, and follow along as the post some of the craziest layouts and mistakes you could ever imagine.
  • Fall Conference registration is open and its being held in the great town of Toledo. Unfortunately I have to miss it, and that’s killing me as there’s a load of very important technical items on the agenda. There’s also the “Old Guard Group,” which brings together some of the best folks our industry has ever had, and they share their wisdom. 
  • Speaking of the Fall Conference, a staple at events like that was Doug Nelson. Sadly, the word broke at the end of last week that Doug had passed away. No doubt that was some rough news to hear. Doug was the owner of the Brin group in Minnesota and was a force in the Flat Glass Manufacturers Association and then into the Glass Association of North America back in the day. I will always remember Doug for just holding court amongst the crowd. He was bigger than life to me as I was just a pup learning the ins and outs. I admired what he had built then, and his legacy is still alive today with the companies he built still thriving in the Twin Cities. My thoughts and prayers to Doug’s family and friends as well as everyone that worked with him at Brin. A tough loss for sure.
  • I’ll be shocked if this is the design in the end, but this look for the new Notre Dame rebuild is pretty fascinating.
  • As I am sure you know, GlassBuild registration is open, but also do not forget to book your hotel room. GlassBuild gets a great block of rooms at favorable rates, so book through the GlassBuild site to take advantage!
  • Last this week, a programming note: no blog post from me next week, unless of course some sort of major story breaks. Otherwise I’ll see you back in this space week of May 26.

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