From the Fabricator: Awesome Retrofit

One of the big issues we face with energy is old, energy-sucking buildings. Structures that were built before quality materials became available or mainstream. I am confident that every new building that goes up at least pays some mind to energy efficiency (would like more, but I will take what I can get, for now), but we need to make sure old buildings are brought up to speed. One such structure I read about recently is in Rhode Island, and major congratulations are due to everyone involved. This building was originally constructed in 1973 with the classic concrete bunker look. The building sat empty for many years until a smart developer jumped in and decided it was time to rehab the structure. By gutting the inside and outside, the work done to it was absolutely transformational—so much so that the building achieved LEED Gold status. Simply amazing. And, it offers proof it can be done. If you supplied or installed material for 1301 Atwood in Johnston, Rhode Island, drop me a line. I would love to hear more about your experience and even share it with my readers. At the end of the day, we need to do this more and more. Get old buildings renewed and energy smart. It’s good for our planet, and obviously, our industry. 


  • A big deal in the industry this week with Saand purchasing Guardian’s Webster, Massachusetts, fabrication facility. The guys at Saand are sharp folks and they continue to make very savvy moves. In the long run, this will really be a nice acquisition for them.
  • It was very busy week in terms of deals. Greco Railings, Chelsea Building Products, Atlanta Commercial Glazing and two UK-based Pilkington factories all changed hands. And, folks, there’s a few more to come. We are certainly in transaction season. 
  • The Architectural Billings Index bounced back in February, finishing above the break-even line at 50.7. Even better, the new project inquiry index was its best mark in more than two years. So some very positive reporting this month from the ABI world. I have to assume the big run on Wall Street may have had something to do with the new project trend. I guess we will see. 
  • Want to read a fantastic piece on commercialization? Check this one out. Really required reading for everyone trying to build a product line. 
  • I can’t believe this is my last blog of March. Q1 is done. 2017 is absolutely moving way too fast. I swear I think I am going to blink my eyes and I’ll already be at GlassBuild.
  • Last this week, I am absolutely humbled to announce I will be speaking at the Texas Glass Association’s “Glasscon 17” event in May. I love speaking to groups like the TGA, and I am excited that the TGA is really working hard to build a great event for their members. If you can get to Waco on May 19, I’d love to see you there. Plus, you’ll also hear from Nicole Harris, the president of the National Glass Association, Yuwadee Senamontree of Guardian, David Linhart of Vitro, and one of my all-time favorite speakers, the legend Greg Oehlers of TriStar. The theme of the overall session is “Improving the Future Together,” and I think that really is appropriate. We really need to be working together to bring the best insight and education to our industry to keep moving it forward. Learn more here.

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