From the Fabricator: BEC is a Must

Time for my annual pitch about the value of attending the Building and Envelope Contractors Conference next month—but wait! This year, I am going to focus on it a little differently. In the past I really played up the networking and deservedly so; this event is off the charts in that area. Seriously if you don’t believe me, ask one of the over 500 people who consistently attend. 

No, this time my focus is on the group of people that the conference is built for—the glazing contractors. If you are a glazier, you need to attend. Simple. The access to 1 ½ days of targeted educational content that was developed passionately by your peers and the ability to advance your business awaits. I know many of you are very busy and the thought of taking a few days out of the office is not something you relish, but believe me this is worth it. Take a look at the agenda.

If you want to learn more and want to talk to a fellow installing company that attends to get more insight, let me know, I’ll broker introductions. This truly is a conference that deserves your attention. And as for the non-glazier folks out there, obviously you deliver the networking and additional flavor that makes this event complete. In any case that’s my plea, and while I stand proudly on the fact that I oversaw the largest BEC in history several years ago, I would love nothing more than to see that record shattered. Check it out and make plans to join your peers March 3 in Las Vegas.


  • I’ve noted here in the past I am not a fan of LEED at all, but I do enjoy stats about the process and the one I always like to run is the top 10 list of adopters of the program. This list is for the top 10 states for LEED building in 2018, and the rundown is based on green square feet per resident. To my surprise, the No. 1 state was Illinois, and furthermore No. 2 was Massachusetts. I really expected Washington state and Colorado to be No. 1 and No. 2, but they were No. 3 and No. 6. I was shocked to see the great state of Texas check in at No. 5. I don’t think people associate Texas with sustainable building and obviously those folks are wrong. The rest of the top ten was Hawaii, Virginia, California and Maryland. 
  • I am probably alone on this one, but it bums me out that the movie named “Glass” is a bizarre and intense horror movie. Plus, people use the hashtag #glass on social media and it’s killing my searches for interesting stories about our industry.
  • With both of my kids now residing in Florida I have had to spend some time here and there in that state and I am floored over the fact that seemingly no one uses turn signals there. The biggest stunner—I was following a school bus, and the school bus failed to use a turn signal! A school bus, where signals for safety are the law, yet even this driver failed to throw on his left turn signal. Insanity.
  • An important post a few days ago from the always-great Kerry Haglund, Efficient Windows Collaborative, on LinkedIn. She linked to the news from the Department of Energy that 42 million dollars will be earmarked for study into innovative building products. Windows are a part of this. My sincere hope is that people like Kerry, or other organizations that can take advantage of this, are involved in the development. In the past, we’ve seen grants come through the DOE that to me were not put in the best and most capable hands, glass-wise. I’ll be following this the best I can and keep everyone updated, and if you are reading this and are involved, good luck and make positive innovations happen!

  • Last this week: I do still try to enjoy the commercials shown during the Super Bowl—Congrats to the Pats fans out there! —but each year the batches get worse. This year a few were fun and enjoyable, but most weren’t. The oddest one? Burger King with an Andy Warhol look-alike working a sandwich for 30 seconds. That was 5 million bucks. Why?

    Also while everyone in the media seemed to love the Washington Post spending 10 million for an ad, personally I thought that was a terrible waste of money. Obviously, the Post is flush with cash, so the whole “please subscribe or we’ll go away” narrative is wrong.  Anyway, I guess it is what it is these days, but I’ll at least note the four that were solid in my opinion were the Hyundai one with Jason Bateman, Avocado’s, Planters’ and Google/Queen’s commercials. Time for everyone else to come to the glass industry and steal brilliant marketing brains like Tessa Miller, Mary Olivier, Rich Porayko to get better commercials!! 

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Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications.

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