From the Fabricator: BEC Week 2019

It’s finally BEC week and I, along with 600 others, will be learning the latest details in the contract glazing world, while networking all the way through. As I always do, next week I’ll have a complete recap with everything I learned and those folks I was lucky enough to bump into. Events like this are so crucial for our industry and our future. If you have missed this one, I’ll let it pass but we have Fall Conference coming and then the granddaddy of the them all—GlassBuild America in September. That is one you simply cannot afford to skip, especially this year. A lot more coming on that and the new exciting events scheduled at North America’s largest glass and glazing event! 


  • Congrats to my friend, the brilliant Rob Struble and the folks at Vitro on the launch of a new brand identity. The look is super; love the color and the texture aspect to the logo. The tag line is different and creative. All in all, a great job by everyone involved there.
  • Also kudos to Tara Brummet of Vitrum on her recent promotion to business development manager. I have known Tara for several years and she’s a tremendous talent and person. I am very happy that she continues to move up the ladder; a great call by Thomas Martini and the team at Vitrum.
  • Good read from Alex Carrick of ConstructConnect this week on the hottest labor markets. This list is pretty much what you would expect if you follow the construction world, though some in the top 10 surprised me. Here are a few:

    Orlando was No.1 and given what I have seen when I have been there recently, makes sense. I was surprised to see Phoenix at No.2, I thought they were lagging, but I guess not. Austin and Houston were tied at No.3 and Dallas-Ft Worth at No.8, which means the great state of Texas is still indeed great.

    On the ones that were a lot lower than I thought: Nashville and Charlotte tied at No.21 and Washington, D.C. at No.34 were surprising. Whole breakdown and explanations are here.
  • From all accounts the International Builders Show in Las Vegas was strong. Once again, the big door systems caught the eyeballs of the crowd. That has been a trend for a while now and hits on the same theme we have on the commercial side. Large spans that allow natural light are the key. Attitude on the floor from what I am told was positive about the economy and market as well. I’ll take that any day of the week. 
  • I saw an article on the potential upgrades to the Pittsburgh International Airport. The upgrades look great but my mind raced back to when this new airport opened in the early 90s. I was new to the business, but our family company fabricated a ton of the glass work there. (Remember my brother Steve can sell better than anyone—that’s how a fabricator our size did a job like that). Once the job was complete and the airport opened my brother and I went out to see it. This was obviously pre-9/11 and the Pittsburgh Airport was built like a mall, with a heavy retail presence unlike any airport before. You could come and go as you wanted with minimal security. We walked around the entire terminal bending over and looking at logos and markings on spacers. Celebrating when we saw “PDC” and getting bummed when we saw others.  

    Anyway, the updated airport renderings made me think back to those truly different times, and my gosh if we did the searching for logos (on our hands and knees, standing on chairs etc.) and markings in today’s security climate we’d be sent to jail!
  • Last this week, not glass related but interesting nonetheless: a contest to come up with new drinking cups. For me I didn’t realize what the make-up of the current “disposable” coffee and soda cups were and what they are potentially doing to the environment, so this contest seems fascinating. We’ll see what happens next.

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