From the Fabricator: Big code news

The big news of the week was from the International Green Construction Code meeting in Arizona. When the event ended, the United States finally had a national green building code. While creating and executing the code are another adventure, the groundwork has been formally laid. Like with any process, the final piece has positives and negatives (the excellent Dr. Tom Culp taught me that), but I think the good will outweigh the bad overall. If anything, it continues to force us as an industry to keep evolving and moving the ball forward. And this is not the end of the process anyway, as the debates for the next cycle have already begun. At the end of the day, I have always been pretty critical and focused on the code process over the years and will continue to stay on it.


  • Speaking of being critical: one of my major targets over the years has been the Department of Energy. Since the Solyndra adventure, DOE has been in a ton of people's crosshairs and now the Inspector General is investigating them for more than 100 stimulus-related issues. Here's the link.
  •  Last week in e-glass weekly, Bill Evans once again hit one out of the ballpark. I seriously love every time that guy writes. Classy and inspirational.
  • A major thank you to everyone who enjoyed the Twitter post from last week and jumped into following some of those awesome people. And thanks to the folks who decided to follow me, I am grateful.
  • Also from last week, I traded e-mails with Henry Gorry of Guardian. Henry is winding down his incredible career, and I for one will miss him greatly. Henry is a tremendously eloquent speaker, one that mixes fact with a calm passion, while keeping discussions absolutely on track. (A stickler for protocol, there was no moving beyond a task without completion when Henry was in the mix!) He made every committee and organization that he was involved in better because of his presence, style and overall professionalism.
  • A happy belated birthday to this blog's most important reader: my Mom. Without her, this blog doesn't exist... and imagine what a loss to the world that would be? Ha ha. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom from your 5th favorite kid out of four.

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