From the Fabricator: Big Movement in Process

A few months ago, I briefly mentioned a glazier certification movement, and this week after fielding some questions from interested parties, I looked into it to see what was new. Everything is still on pace. I communicated with the program managers (John Kent and Jeff Dalaba), and they shared that 14 companies have gone through the process so far, and there is a plan to release the first batch of certified glaziers in July. Find more information here.

This program could surely help companies improve themselves, but more importantly improve the industry as a whole. And as I have noted here many times (like last week on Hale Glass and their internal programs), making the industry better benefits everyone in the end.


  • Registration for GlassBuild America opened this week and expectations for the show are strong. The floor is loaded with amazing suppliers, and the amount of innovation on display will be mind blowing. Obviously I am excited, because I believe in the importance of this show (and I do work for the show, too), but this year the level of exhibits is beyond any expectation. Get registered now. If you register before June 25, you will be entered into a contest to win four tickets to the Braves/Blue Jays games at GlassBuild America night at the ballpark. Good stuff. Obviously as the show grows closer, I will have more previews and insight here.
  • Follow up from last week: Scott Surma does NOT have an Apple Watch. I am stunned. My next guesses were Dan Plotnick and Ted Bleecker, but since I did not hear from either guy, I am guessing they don’t have one either. So far, no one I know is fessing up to having one.
  • As an industry we get many bad raps. One of them is that we are not great on retrofits of historic buildings. The excuse is that the glass ruins it, because it will stand out as newer.  That has been disproven many times and now once again. This hotel project featured in “Great Glazing” proves that we can do so much. Congrats to everyone involved on this project.
  • Welcome to one the brightest and best in the industry joining those of us who blog at Glass Magazine and on e-glass weekly. As you surely saw last week, a post from John Wheaton appeared on, and it’s great to have him on the team. I am a huge fan of John’s, and I know his posts will be incredibly popular. John is as dynamic and interesting as they come.
  • I read an article this week on solar paved roads. There are five pilot projects that are slated to happen in Idaho later this year, and it will be interesting to see if the materials used work and are at all user friendly. If this works, it should have a huge effect on society and also our overall energy usage. The only bad news is this process is surely decades away from being mainstream, but I have a feeling that is when we will need it the most.
  • Last this week, I made mention of a person I am a huge fan of during a few meetings recently. Others in the meeting immediately jumped on me for “always complimenting everyone” and asked if I actually have negative words to say about anyone. The main person asking has only known me for about 2 years, so they never saw me in my miserable, rip-on-the-world mode. I did tell them to go look at my blog in 2005 and 2006… and I actually went back and looked. My goodness was I unhinged sometimes. While I know many wish I could unload on things like I used to, I surely never would want to go back to the maniac I was then!

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