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I'm back at it for the final stretch of the year and the hits keep coming,leading off with a lot coming from Guardian. The main news that hit right before the holiday: a subsidiary of Koch Industries purchased the remaining 55.5 percent of the company to now own it in full. This is a positive piece of news given that Koch stuck their feet in the water a few years ago with the initial purchase and liked it enough to go all in. This bodes well for how our industry is viewed and the potential going forward. And speaking of the future, Guardian announced the addition of a new jumbo coater. That also is big news in that the commitment to continue to grow and support our industry is there. And without a doubt, the trend of jumbo sizes is one that is growing. (I would love to get that stat on average IG size that I mentioned a few weeks ago; it has to be growing!) So congrats to all involved at Guardian; very exciting and positive times there right now for sure.



  • And staying on the trail of positivity, the latest ABI did bounce back into positive territory. So the two-month down trend has stopped. The results continue to look like 2017 and into 2018 will be solid, but not spectacular. And as far as I am concerned, solid works. 
  • If you want some additional economic insight for the United States and Canada, check this out from Alex Carrick, chief economist of Construct Connection. Good and interesting stuff as always. 
  • This has been out there some, but I finally ran into it. Drones and construction. I’m blown away that it’s the construction world that is the main user of drone technology. This article stated that drones would change the way construction is done. Wow. 
  • Zero Net Energy consumption or the Net Zero Building continues to gain steam. This past week Santa Monica, California adopted an ordinance pushing it. The glass and glazing industry does have wonderful and effective products to support these efforts, so this is something I hope we see growing more and more. Not to mention, it is good for the world in the long run, too!
  • Last this week, a Japanese scientist has carried out clinical trials that show if you eat ice cream for breakfast you are smarter and more effective with your day and work. He had subjects eat ice cream right after they woke up and then tested from there. Sadly I had to give up ice cream a few years ago so I can’t try this, but really amazing to think that this could work. Could it be mix of cold and sugar snapping the brain to action? 


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