From the Fabricator: Big Show, Great Letter, New Building

Big week ahead as the annual AIA show takes place in Denver, Thursday through Saturday. I do not have high expectations for this event; I just think that the timing and location will keep numbers down. But I might be surprised, because right now, there is a positive momentum for trade shows (GlassBuild America, as an example, is looking very good with a growing and fantastic lineup.). So, the AIA show might exceed expectations. In any case, I look forward to meeting up with many folks while there, and as always, my “who’s who” report will be next week right here on the blog.


  • Kudos to the folks at Hartung Glass who put out an incredible and well thought out message to their customer base about the ASHRAE situation. Really impressive work by Hartung COO Kirk Johnson and team.
  • Another fantastic issue from Glass Magazine this month. Two highlights for me: the legendary Top 50 Glaziers piece, which always gets the industry talking, and a great piece on safety by Mike Burk of Quanex. Mike, by the way, presented one of the best pieces in GANA BEC history a few years ago, and the guy delivers every time out.
  • Congrats to Sage Electrochromics on its first shipment from its new plant. That is a huge piece of news, and I know all of the players involved have to be thrilled. Add that to the NanoMarkets report predicting the smart glass segment to be the fastest growing around, and you just have to feel really good about dynamic technologies overall.

I received some great feedback on part one of my Jeff Razwick interview. In part two, Jeff talks about trends and talent. Interesting stuff for sure. I love when people talk “continuous improvement;” that is so under-rated in our world. Thank you, Mr. Razwick, for your time. I will have another great interview in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy the below.

TGP is in a lot of different product segments these days, so your architectural presence I assume is pretty significant. What is the architectural community asking for, as in what trends and products are the “in” things right now?

Razwick: Today's building designs call for higher performance curtain-wall and glazing solutions, including from an aesthetic, energy and structural standpoint. For architects, this means selecting curtain-wall systems with enhanced design flexibility. For example, can the curtain wall transfer large amounts of daylight without imposing additional cooling loads? Can it support large free spans of glazing without bulky supporting mullions or additional reinforcement? At TGP, we've found this desire has led to an increase in the specification of steel curtain-wall systems. They're strong, versatile and advanced products that help overcome a key limit on design flexibility: the limited strength or design limitations of aluminum back mullions. We expect to see this trend continue to grow. Across the board, energy performance also continues to drive glass and curtain-wall system development. This is particularly true in light of today's green building standards and prescriptive qualifications for glass. Keep an eye out for glass and fenestration systems with improved U-values and solar heat gain coefficients, and new glass surfacing options, including films, tints and frits.

TGP boasts some serious talent. I have tremendous respect for guys like Devin Bowman and Chuck Knickerbocker, and they’re among the best in the industry. So that said, what’s the great TGP secret behind finding and then encouraging/enabling folks to become serious contributors to our world?

Razwick: First off, thanks for the compliment! Working with individuals who are passionate about our customers and industry is a privilege we don't take lightly. We believe our success in attracting and retaining the right people starts with our values: integrity, teamwork, innovation and service. These values have helped us shape our company culture into one that fosters both personal growth and collaboration. A mindset of continuous improvement is critical to exceeding customer expectations, whether we're providing products and services to help an architect solve design challenges or supplying glaziers with products in a timely manner. Our goal is to have a positive feedback loop. When our processes and programs support our mission and values, they in turn benefit our customers, partners, employees and community around us.

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Kudos to the folks at Hartung Glass who put out an incredible and well thought out message to testinside 74-324 their customer base about the ASHRAE situation. Really impressive work by Hartung COO Kirk Johnson and team.

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