From the Fabricator: Comings, Goings, Forecasts, Brands and More....

Yet another week with lots of news bits around the industry and beyond. Let’s take a look.

  • Coming and going: two very good people made the news this week with updates on their careers. First, my old friend Marty Biskup was named sales director at Gamco in New York. Marty is a great guy, and this seems like a perfect spot for him and his energy. Though I must say, when I saw in the news piece he was listed as Martin, and the picture showed a guy without a mustache, I had to wonder if that was really him! LOL. Congrats Marty! On the flip side, Steve Morren of Walker Glass announced he’s retiring effective at year-end. I don’t know Steve that well—I have interacted with him on a few occasions and those times were really interesting and helpful for me. I do know that Steve has a reputation as one of the more brilliant architectural minds in our world, so him hanging them up will leave a hole. Congrats Steve on your retirement, enjoy the next phase of life!
  • One of the hottest subjects/exhibits at the BEC show was and this week I noticed a pretty cool pitch on LinkedIn about it: was originally created for glazing professionals. Now the curriculum has expanded to more than 60+ on-demand courses designed for fabricators, installers, sales reps, customer service reps and more.”

    Preview the free courses here. Really good stuff, and major steps for the industry.
  • The latest Dodge Momentum Index stayed steady—in fact the report said the index moved “sideways.” The analysts point to many major projects being in the late stages of work for the “sideways” quote. In any case, it stayed in positive ground and the focus on public buildings and schools for the rest of 2019 should keep it in plus territory.
  • This piece of news usually comes up a few times a year, but it’s been a while since my last mention; surging gas prices are back, and this pain at the pump is returning just in time for summer driving/busy season. What’s frustrating for me is there’s usually never any rhyme or reason for the price maneuvers, but here you have it. 
  • Last week I mentioned Chris Phillips’ incredible shower door page. This week he had me on his podcast.  A ton of fun for sure, and I really enjoyed the questions Chris asked. Thank you, Chris, for having me on! I’ll be posting a link here and on my social pages as soon it is live! (Feel free to listen on that next commute or whenever you take in podcasts.)
  • I love brands and I love lists, so how about a cool story that lists the most-loved brands? This is for 2019, and it's a fun breakdown, but, man, I have disagreements all over the place. Check it out for yourself, but never in my wildest dreams would I expect the U.S. Postal Service or Subway in the Top 20. Well worth the read.
  • Last this week; my wife often calls me a “travel snob” because I have no patience for other travelers since I am on the road a ton. (Honestly, I try to be very patient with non-travelers, I just fail a lot. LOL.) Well, this week I got my comeuppance making the ultimate rookie mistake. I left my iPad behind on the plane, safely nestled in the seatback in front of me. So. Stupid. This is one of those things I am always usually 100 percent focused on— “do I have everything” —and I check everything three times before I leave the plane. This time, I completely blew it.

It’s been a week since I did it and while the lost and found forms have been filled out, there’s been no sign of it.  I have the tracking technology on it but so far nothing has been turned back online, and there’s no sign of someone trying to get in. Who knows, maybe it’s in a bin at gigantic warehouse somewhere waiting for some awesome employee to find it, but I am not feeling too confident. This travel snob obviously doesn’t have all the skills.

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