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I have covered this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I often I hear from people that ask “How can I get more involved in the industry?” Well, if you want to be active and make a difference, first step is to make sure you are a member of National Glass Association and then pay attention to the call for actions. To give you a flavor, this is a portion of one from last week and these are huge subjects that need attention. Step up and get involved!

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Response Team
Become equipped to advocate for glass and glazing at the legislative and regulatory levels; more information to follow.

Fabricating Committee

Fire-rated Glazing capabilities
This task group will review the existing text within the Glazing Manual in order to update the description to include the cross-functional uses of fire-rated glazing for purposes such as energy performance or protective glazing.

Vacuum Insulating Glazing

The existing task group initiated a survey at Fall Conference to guide the development on a resource educating the industry on VIG products and capabilities.

Evaluating Post-Finishing of Heat-Treated Glass Edges

Task group will develop and test control samples to destruction in order to develop recommended guidelines for post-finishing. 

If interested in volunteering, contact Sara Neiswanger at NGA, or if you have questions just drop me a line.


  • Also from the NGA world, the latest nominees for the board of directors were announced and two of my all-time favorites were on the slate. Ron Crowl of Fenetech and Jim Stathopoulos of Ajay Glass are on the ballot and simply tremendous people. Brilliant businessmen, class acts, and they truly care about this industry. I hope they win so they can be added to the board and continue to advance our industry. 
  • Positive news from Harmon with naming of Troy Johnson as president starting in March of 2020. I don’t know Troy that well—I shared a spot on the BEC planning committee last year with him and came away extremely impressed. That, along with a lot of very influential people being major fans of his is good enough for me. Congrats Troy!
  • You know I love when glass gets good mentions in the “real world” and so I was thrilled in my own stupid way when the TV show “This Is Us” had a discussion on getting windows, including the line “Double pane windows—the sexiest style of windows!” I probably would have passed out if they called them IGU’s. Anyway, nice to hear a product we all know and love in the middle of a popular TV show.
  • Right now the hottest segment going is interiors and this year the Glass Magazine Reader Photo Contest will be focused on that area, with a look at the exceptional interiors in our world. If you have pictures of innovative interior glass applications, including decorative installations, glass floors, doors, walls, stairs, partitions and more click this link and review the rules and get entered into this awesome contest. Deadline is Oct. 11.
  • Last this week: interesting debate on the possible end of the American “dream home.” Communities with the idea to push more multi-unit housing vs. allowing single family homes. This article on what is happening in Minnesota gives you a good jumping off point. There is no doubt that we have to keep evolving in many areas of our world, but this angle has people ready to battle on both sides and rightfully so—lots to take in.

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