From the Fabricator: Headed Toward 2019

2018 is quickly coming to a close. We’ve now reached December and the end of the year is clearly in sight. I have been asked quite a bit recently if there will be any major deals before the year ends. Typically, year-end is a target date for deals. In the past, we’ve had a few big ones hit in mid- to late-December. This year, I think we may have a couple, but based on what I am hearing, it will be on the smaller side. Although, you never know. So, while this month is one of holiday and celebration, it may also produce some interesting news. Stay tuned!


  • I’m going to be a pain with reminders, but I only do it because it’s worthy. First one is Annual Conference, coming In January. Last week, NGA announced that Lisa Rammig of Eckersley O’Callghan & Partners will be the featured presenter. Folks, it is worth coming to this event just for that. I briefly met Lisa at glasstec, and she’s incredibly intelligent and has awesome insight into the architectural trends and drivers in our world. Seriously, a must see. Add this into the other subjects slated to be discussed like AB262, IBC, ASHRAE, and full technical meetings and you really can gain a ton of intel just being there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, otherwise please register today.

  • Major Thirsty Thursday alert on a crucial subject: school security. Glass plays a big role in school security, and this webinar offers a very true and in-depth background to what is happening in that world and how our industry fits in. If you are doing anything in this space or want to do something, then this is where you get up to speed. Check it out on December 13 and register here.

  • This week’s wild looking building?  Look for it coming soon in Miami. Incredible.

  • Time for the monthly review of Glass Magazine. This is the metal companies issue and features the annual Top Metal Companies report along with stories on continuing labor challenges, edge grinding, and a great take on the tariff adventures out there. Cover to cover, yet again, a very solid issue.  As for the ad of the month, I have to give it to Trex Commercial Products for their snazzy ad that really showed the awesomeness of glass. (I’m a sucker for great shots of glass in use.) Tremendous work as always by Tessa Miller and her team at Trex.

  • Speaking of railings, if you watch the TV show “New Amsterdam,” the set they use has an incredibly cool railing and structural wall setup. If anyone out there knows what this one is or who supplied the materials, let me know. I would love to pass the kudos on. Good stuff, and again, shows glass in a fabulous way.

  • Last this week, I came across this fun and snarky look at what the new Amazon HQ2 in New York City could look like. I swear this story of Amazon opening in NYC is going to take 50 more turns before it’s said and done. In any case, I like the fun look at it.

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