From the fabricator: How do you say it?

This week, I decided to start with something light. After the last few weeks of negativity, surely it's time for something different. So, here it is. Last week, I was watching the West Virginia/Syracuse football game. The announcers kept pronouncing “Syracuse” two different ways. One guy called it “SaRAH-Cuse” while the other called it  “SEAR-a-Cuse", slightly different, but noticeable and annoying. Honestly, I don’t know much about that town other than John Dwyer of Syracuse Glass is the mayor there. So, I'm not sure what the right pronunciation is. But this did make me think of our industry and its two most commonly mispronounced company names. Example one is Viracon. Most people say “V-EYE-ra-cahn.” But you still have many that call it “Vear-ah-cahn.” So which one is right? I believe it’s the first. Example two is tougher; it's 50/50 out there. Tubelite. Is it “Toob-light” or “Toob-ah-light”? I also lean towards the first here, but I am not as sure. Anyway, these are major issues that I will get to the bottom of and report back on if I ever find out!


  • The cover of Time Magazine this week was “The China Bubble,” and it had some OK reading in it. The story basically talked about how the success or failure in China will have a massive effect on the world. The scariest comment was that China’s growth came “on an economy built on real estate mania and easy money… sound familiar?” Ironically though, October somehow was the best month on the stock market here in the U.S. since 1974. The analysts were calling it “Rock-tober”. So, how come it didn’t feel that good to me? Best since '74? Shouldn’t the mood and attitudes be better?
  • Book of the week: If you want a seriously, non-politically-correct easy read, then check out Adam Carolla’s book, “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” It's a fun read and great pop culture, but he is nowhere near politically correct on anything: gender, race, creed, nothing.
  • Congrats to my friends in St. Louis (mostly the Solutia troop) on the Cardinal win. What a wild series!
  • Massive snow in the Northeast this weekend. My gosh, Mother Nature is not happy with that region … earthquakes, floods and October blizzards. Yikes.!
  • Normally, this would go in the links, but I had to include it here because it’s about a guy who made more than $300,000 playing fantasy baseball last year! The football version of this guy I believe is Scott Surma.
  • Last this week, we’re headed into my favorite personal stretch of the year. Personal, not business! Though I am looking forward to my first non-news-cycle Turkey Day in a few years! Starting with Halloween, to my birthday, to Thanksgiving, to the Chanukah/Christmas combo and finishing with New Year's. It’s an awesome stretch. And while there’s tons of pressure and frustration out there, it’s this stretch that gives you pause and fills you with hope that things can be on the right track. So I say, bring it on!

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HI Max, I am not sure about Tubelite but I am about Viracon.The name came for a slogan, Controlled environment thru glass, which is what they were selling, i.e. tempered, laminated and IG back then.It is Viracon with emphasis on the I. I will be surprised if you don't hear from one of the McCann boys on this. Take care and hope all is well.Mike Gainey

Wow, this post is nice, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, therefore
I am going to let know her.

 When I was in Syracuse, I was told it was "SEAR-a-cuse" by reliable sources. I had been a "SARAH-cuse" guy before that, but quickly changed my tune. 

Thank you Matt and Mike- and also Farrah (left on other blog) for your comments!  I appreciate it.  Now just have to see what the proper Tubelite approach is! Thanks for reading!!

Having grown up in upstate New York, I can say with certainty that it's pronounced "SEAR-a-cuse". These days, while collaborating with the folks in Owatonna, it depends on who you ask. All the Americans (including the Viracon-ers) say "V-EYE-rah-cahn". My Italian colleague says "VEE-rah-cohn", due to the way vowels are parsed in his native tongue.

Thanks Jeff- Now that makes some sense.  Appreciate the comment!!

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