From the Fabricator: Huge Step for Education

One big story that I failed to cover more adequately from GlassBuild America was the Friese Foundation stepping in to provide very generous support of the program. This new philanthropic organization headed up by industry veteran Don Friese is awesome, and by them stepping in to help continue the build on the educational needs of our industry is nothing short of incredible. We need to keep growing the educational offerings at every level and we need keep gaining knowledge as an industry. This support will go a long way to accomplishing those goals. It comes as no surprise to me that Mr. Friese would be on the forefront of this—class acts do class things and his desire to see this industry evolve positively is amazing and appreciated. If you missed the video announcing this, check it out here—great insight and comments! 


  • On the good education approach, kudos to Guardian Glass for their “Ask the Expert” series. Really well-done approach and good use of the YouTube space. Smart work for sure, but my only beef is I needed more of Chris Dolan. I think he’s holding out on sharing his expertise with the rest of us! 
  • I caught the latest Mission Impossible movie recently and loved the starring role glass had it in, especially the skylights. Really cool scenes there.
  • What a weird stretch we are in with forecasts and indexes. They are all over the place, but one interesting nugget is the single-family housing side of things is having a nice run. This is encapsulated somewhat in this tweet from Robert Diet, chief economist, National Association of Home Builders.
  • Total housing starts fell back in September on multifamily volatility. Single-family starts edge up to a solid 918K annual pace. Single-family permits were also up, and have improved each month since April. Single-family starts have grown each month since May.

    As we know, residential work can be a signal to the commercial side. So far, it’s been a bit puzzling to get a feel, so we’ll keep watching. Interestingly enough, the Dodge Momentum Index had a big September thanks to a nice month on the commercial side. So, we continue to monitor the roller coaster.
  • Bird-friendly glass was back in the news this week in a big way: the NASCAR Hall of Fame had a severe issue with bird strikes. There is no doubt this movement to bird-friendly glazing is needed and no doubt also that it’s a space that is growing extremely fast. Time to get on board with the process if you have not: here’s a great piece from Glass Magazine from earlier this year with excellent insight on glass being the solution.
  • Last this week, this was something that tickled my interest: the top Architecture schools in the U.S. I usually keep up on top schools for everything, but I have to admit I did not realize some of these schools were big architecture players. Specifically, Syracuse. I thought for sure that university was more known for its broadcasters than anything else. Anyway, a fun read…

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