From the fabricator: Major news week

What a wild week. We had a major deal break last Tuesday and a presidential mandate at the end of the week. So, let's break it down. On the deal: Quanex Building Products Corp. acquired Edgetech IG. I believe that deal caught everyone napping. In any case, it still needs to be approved by the FTC, but once it passes that hurdle, the interesting thing will be how the market accepts it. Edgetech was a very visible entity in our world, a very large presence at places like GlassBuild America, and also extremely active at the trade group level. How will the change affect those things, and more importantly, their ability to continue to service and work with their customers? Also, does this deal open the door for smaller and hungrier manufacturers to jump into areas that may be vacated by Edgetech? It really will be a fascinating angle to watch for sure. And yes, I know that in the initial releases everyone said all will be well, but that's what every release like this always says.

Later in the week, President Obama announced his "Better Building Initiative," and the news did surely send a jolt of energy through the industry. I have talked for years about the European Energy Passport program and how it would be awesome to have it here; this surely is a start in that direction. This program--if it doesn't get mushed up by special interests along the way--has the potential for amazing things for our industry, including the ability for us to show off our newest technologies and prove to the world we are not the weak link some people say we are. In any case, I remain optimistic. But again, I have to stress: Let's hope that this process can be implemented fast and without detriments that serve the wrong people.

And on that note, if you missed the National Glass Association's take on the initiative, it's here and it is worth the read.


  • Guess what's back? Yep, I have to mention the good ole NFRC... Jim Benney had a blog here last week, and Greg Carney offered a wonderful comment on it. Greg's comment:

    As you consider the issue of a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) daylighting rating and respond to the National Glass Association (NGA) weekly survey, please keep in mind that every NFRC rating and/or certification adds cost to the fenestration contract. I can't help but wonder if the money would be better spent on today's product technology in the form of advanced low-emissivity coatings, dynamic glazing, and warm-edge spacers in lieu of the bureaucracy of NFRC?

    Bravo Greg. Folks seriously, the CMA adventure was one thing, but if you let this organization get deeper into our world, you will regret it.
  • And one last code sort of item. Don't forget Glass Week and BEC are coming... I looked at the BEC agenda and saw some really interesting pieces. To me, anytime you can hear Dr. Tom Culp speak, you need to be there. The guy knows his stuff and truly has his finger on the pulse of the code world. And like I have noted many times, Dr. Culp is respected by all sides in these issues because he's tremendously fair. So for that alone, you want to be there. I'll have more tidbits on BEC as it gets closer and I plan on doing the same to get you ready for the Glazing Executives Forum and GlassBuild America coming in September. These are all events that you should be looking too, and they are spread out enough that you can swing it.
  • Health update... A few months back, I wrote about a friend and coworker Dan Luna as he battled some serious health issues. Well, I am absolutely thrilled to say that Mr. Luna is feeling better and on the positive road to recovery. I'm very happy for Dan, his family, friends and coworkers. Keep staying healthy my friend!
  • The weather... I swear I write about the weather every year but this year does have to be the worst yet doesn't it?
  • OK, and finally this week: the Super Bowl (I will cover the best and worst commercials next week). Well, it figures that my ability to "mush" the picks ends with the biggest game of the year. A major congrats to the Packer fans out there... many of whom I am good friends with. I am happy for you, but also sad for the Steeler fans in my life (and bummed personally too actually) and since I am now out of my mother's good graces, anyone who wants to adopt me, I am available. Seriously though, enjoy it Wisconsin! (On the plus side, I have spending money waiting for me for BEC- still doesn't feel good.)

    Oh and a terrible night too for Christina Aguilera as she flubbed the national anthem... I'm sure that will be everywhere this week.

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