From the fabricator: A mellow reaction

Usually, when price increase letters hit the street in our industry, they bring a ton of action. Now maybe (probably) I'm distracted, but this latest round of letters didn't seem to elicit the normal angst. As for the increases themselves, they shouldn't come as a surprise at all, especially given everything that has been happening in our little world and everywhere else.



  • If anyone was brave enough to read the national news this week, I guess you could see why this increase letter pales in comparison. The Dow had another horrid week, now dropping below 12,000. Home equity is now near a record low, and the whole employment outlook continues to be ugly. Not a pretty week, and that didn't even include the Twittering congressman...
  • The good news of the week actually happened last Saturday, and I should have posted it then but blew it. And of course, the subject of the good news was bummed when he read my blog and it wasn't mentioned. My son Zach played the game of his life (scored an awesome goal) and his team won a local 10 & Under hockey title. I'm very happy for him and his team; it's just a thrill to watch your kid achieve and succeed!
  • Ok back to reality... ha ha.... A great post this week on LinkedIn about the fact that LinkedIn's growth in popularity is because of the tough economy and the fact people are losing their jobs and need to network more than ever. It was a case made even more dramatic when a headhunter posted a group of openings on LinkedIn and by nightfall his e-mail box was full and website crashed.
  • PPG announced that it has surpassed the 94 million-square-foot mark in shipments of Solarban 70XL. Congrats to Glenn Miner and the team on the accomplishment. Looking back, I know there were a lot of naysayers about the potential of that product when it was launched, but there's no doubt that it's been a hit.
  • And while we're propping the primaries, a big kudos to Guardian on the launch of their new InGlass program. With a cool new website and some very interesting products and plans, this should be an exciting program to watch.
  • Am I the only one who gets mad when the newscaster gleefully announces gas prices have dropped a whole penny? I know everyone wants good news, but a penny?
  • If you haven't checked out the latest issue of Glass Magazine, you need to. The annual look at the Top 50 Glaziers is the cover story. It is something everyone looks forward to, and once again, the gang delivered the goods. And yes I am biased, but the magazine has been absolutely on a roll in the last several months.
  • Last this week: Normally this would be in the links, but it is too pertinent to what we do in our world. It's the whole "glass steps" debate and the fact that it brings a lot more issues to mind than people realize. Check out the coverage here

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