From the Fabricator: Must See GEF

Registration for the 11th Annual Glazing Executives Forum opens this week and a quick look at the agenda has me very excited about this must-attend event. The biggest draw for me will be the keynote talk from Ken Simonson, the chief economist with the Associated General Contractors organization. Simonson is one of the most respected voices in the construction forecasting arena and I have been lucky enough to sit in on several webinars featuring him. His insight to the economy and the effect on our industry will be extremely insightful. Also on tap at GEF is George Hedley, also known as the “Construction Business Builder.” I saw him several years ago and he was excellent as well. Obviously as the months go by, I’ll have more insight into GEF, but mark October 19 on your calendar and register to be there. You’re already probably going to GlassBuild America, so make GEF a part of the plan.


  • Just a heads up, the growth of company websites being hacked is heading towards an epidemic range. So get with your IT and web developers and make sure your security is up to speed. I’ve said it before; it makes me crazy that the brightest people in the world use their intelligence for evil. Incredibly frustrating.  
  • We just completed Construction Safety Week and I think the focus by so many was helpful in pushing the message. However, the obvious note is that safety has to be first in line all the time. It’s a mindset, and that needs to be constantly reinforced for the good of all.
  • Just received the latest Glass Magazine and the May issue is strong once again, especially with incredible educational resources and a look into the world of the architect. The highlight for me on that was a tremendous article by Joe Erb of Quanex on building a long-lasting relationship with the design team. Joe is one of the most talented guys in our world and when he’s sharing insight, I am there. Great stuff!
  • The ad of the month was a very tough call. People have raised their game dramatically over the last several months. So unable to pick one, I am giving the nod to my two favorites for May. At the front of the magazine, a very eye-catching ad from Petersen with their PAC-CLAD brand. When you can open a magazine and the ad stops you immediately, you know you did it right. Also props to Guardian for the ad on the back of the issue. It was a very simple and effective ad. Picture and testimonial were placed nicely and I liked the bold tag at top. Good job, though, to all the advertisers this month; really enjoyable approaches.
  • Last this week, Mothers Day is here, and I’d like to pass a Happy one to my Mom. She actually reads this blog every week, even though most of the stuff I write about she has no idea what I am talking about. But that is the motherly thing to do, right? So happy Mothers Day Mom from your eighth favorite kid. I love you. And to all of the other Moms out there, hope you had a great day!


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