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Lost in the shuffle and recap of AIA was the announcement of a new construction economic report for us to follow and see if it provides any more insight into our future. The Dodge Momentum Index is a 12-month leading indicator of construction spending for non-residential buildings. In its first ever release the news was positive, with a rating of 94.7. That evidently is a good score. The problem with reports like this and the Architectural Billings Index is, who really knows what's good, bad, ugly, helpful, positive, legitimate, fairy tale etc.? I am hopeful that since this is an indicator based on spending at the building level it's more accurate than a pre-bank loan report via the ABI. At the end of the day, all I can do is grab on to the positivity and hold it tight so if the new report is showing that we are moving in the right direction, count me in. No matter what the key here is if these pieces keep showing positive but the industry lags, they lose all legitimacy. We're already expecting good things late in 2012 and early 2013 based on the ABI, so eventually, the proof is going to be in the pudding.


  • Leftover items missed from my AIA recap last week. It was very nice to see the gang from Walker. Still dressing better than most of mankind. Always nice to see the classy Tom Herron of NFRC. And yes, it is comical for me to write nice things about NFRC, but Tom deserves them. And quite frankly, my battles there have been done for a very long time.
  • I know other bloggers have hit this, and I often do too, but when someone can explain to me how the gas and oil companies get away with the shenanigans they do, that would be great. I watched gas go up 14 cents a gallon ahead of the Memorial Day holiday despite falling oil prices. Simply amazing.
  • The initial line-up for the Glazing Executive Forum (GEF) was just announced and looks absolutely fantastic. Great speakers and subjects, this will be one not to be missed. What a few days in September that will be between GlassBuild America and GEF. Really excited for it. More obviously on both as we get closer.
  • had two reports this week that were positive and interesting with one calling for a big jump for "Smart Glass" and one for Security Glass. On the "Smart Glass" one I was confused on which glass styles are considered for it- that surely didn't seem clear to me. (I guess I am too dumb to figure out Smart Glass)
  • Also seen on the site was the news of a tariff on Chinese Solar Panels. While this will be helpful to the cause of the domestic providers, it's pretty late in coming.
  • By the way, please keep in mind to visit during the week for the latest info and breaking events. A copy of my blog is there along with other blogs, articles and more. Good stuff.
  • Last this week, I hope everyone is having or had a good Memorial Day. Hopefully you are taking or took time to remember and honor those who fought for our freedoms. And while doing so, send positive thoughts to the brave men and women protecting us today and beyond. 

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