From the Fabricator: Next Round Of Codes

Last week, my mega blog on the BEC missed a few nuggets, so I wanted to clean that up here. There were some additional pieces that I found newsworthy. As always, Dr. Tom Culp provides an update with extreme value as does Urmilla Jokhu-Sowell. First amongst the many nuggets from Tom was discussion on where the energy codes will go next. He listed four bullet points that I found relevant:

  • More high performance thermal breaks

  • More fourth surface low-emissivity, or triple glazing

  • More warm-edge spacers

  • Lower SHGC triple silvers in the south

For some of us, the thought of these things is exciting, and for some of us the thought is nauseating. For those sick to their stomachs, it’s coming, but you have a bit of time, so you may want to prepare. One thought I had is I wonder if moves like this will grow the vacuum insulating glass side in the commercial industry? Regardless, these are items to have on the radar.

Urmilla’s presentation did break down what’s happening on the technical side of NGA/GANA, and with the merged group some things will certainly change. But what will not is the desire to make sure the items that affect our industry the most will be addressed. I am excited to see how Urmilla and the technical side evolve and advance with the new set up.


  • I did run into Courtney Little of Ace Glass at BEC, but didn’t find out until after that he was just elected president of American Subcontractors Association. Courtney will be a great force there and he’s always been a tremendous person for insight for our industry. Congrats Courtney, and I hope to still see you at glass events even with your new responsibilities. 

  • Saw an interesting article this week that was promoting the “Tesla of Housing.” Basically, this was compared to the groundbreaking of Tesla vehicles and features a contractor specifically focused on advancing the energy efficiency in the housing market. The approach noted is basically Passive House, which is not new but still very good and important. Resistance in the United States has always been pretty strong, since we love our “McMansions,” so we’ll see if this developer can break that trend.

  • I do love the show Flip or Flop on HGTV, though I do believe the pricing that they assign to things is usually woefully low. Especially on shower enclosures. (Please, anyone who’s worked on that show with glass weigh in.) I find it very interesting to get into the minds of the players. And another show in that genre is “Fixer Upper” and from time to time Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass plays a role. In the new episode that aired last Tuesday, Dustin had to fabricate a huge glass wall and install it on the third floor of an apartment building. The wall was weight bearing as well and Dustin and his team had to move materials up the old-fashioned way—through the stairwells! Overall, it was interesting to watch the players view what Dustin and his team did with amazement. Glass and glazing is so cool and so many don’t realize it. Kudos to Dustin for showing off what we do to the masses.

  • Last this week, my favorite show The Americans returns for its final season on March 28. Lots of loose ends to tie up and I simply can’t wait!

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