From the fabricator: Number two!

Pretty amazing news broke this week that can be viewed as either good or bad for our industry: I was sent an article (thank you CW) about the “Best Job Opportunities of the Future” and do you know what ranked No. 2? And no, it wasn’t the glorious gig of being a marketing consultant/blogger; it was being a GLAZIER! This is amazing recognition for our industry. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that anyone outside our little world would notice us. So that is the good; we exist in the conscience of the world! The bad news is that to make this list, there has to be “opportunity,” and thanks to the difficulty of the job, there are openings. The other thing is something that many in our world are aware of: We have a severe lack of depth. So, this article can also be interpreted as saying we have a shortage of capable people.


  • I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Al Balik last week. Though I only had the extreme honor of meeting Al in person once, I have known and worked with members of his family for virtually my entire glass career. Great folks, and this is a tough loss. I do remember my talk with Al very clearly though. It was about a year ago, and we had a spirited discussion about decorative glass and the trends out there. What struck me was Al, even though he was in his mid-80s, was busting out ideas and concepts that were extremely cutting edge. There was no “old school” approach at all. It blew me away. So no doubt, his influence will be missed at GGI and the folks they serve. My condolences to his son Richard and the entire Balik family.
  • GlassBuild America is now a week away. I am so thrilled about how everything has come together for the show and the events surrounding it. The folks attending are going to benefit greatly from top-notch exhibits, innovations, education and networking. I'm just so pumped. My post next week will be from the show floor, and through the show, I’ll have blogs each night recapping the event.
  • The NFL kicks off this week, and I know my loyal readers want to know who I am picking, mostly because they’ll pick the opposite. (And those going to Vegas for the show I am sure will be betting on it!) So here it goes: your Super Bowl will be Baltimore vs. Chicago. Other playoff teams: AFC- New England, Denver, Houston, Tennessee, and the Steelers; NFC- Dallas, Green Bay, Atlanta, Seattle, and San Fran. Prediction to bet on: the Dolphins will not win a game this year. I hate that for my pal Manny, but that team is brutally bad.
  • Speaking of winning, Ohio beats Penn State. My pal and fellow alumnus Rodger Ruff of AGC predicted it, and I did not listen. (Shocking right, I took Penn State.) Now Ohio has a tough task ahead when it has to face New Mexico State, the alma mater of the very influential Viracon VP Garret Henson. I wonder if Garret will be giving the pre-game pep talk, as I know he's held in high regard by that team.
  • Shorter than normal post this week; believe me, we’ll make up for it over the next few weeks for sure.

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You're Detroiter! How can you not pick the Lions for the playoffs? And Chicago for the Super Bowl?

No Vikings -- you are a smart man! :-) Us fair-weather Minnesotans have given up on baseball and football. Go Minnesota Wild!

Want to make that Dolphin's bet? They will be bad but they will win more games than the Jets will.

Thanks for not mentioning the Eagles, even giving a chance to sniff at / or sneak into the playoffs... Go Iggles!!!

Thanks all for the posts...
See Jeff, the others know that when I mention a team it is actually bad. My own mother even begs me to not pick the Steelers. (I had to fior this- I have to try!)
Dan- I can't see any way the Dolphins will win more games then the Jets! E mail me, I'll put lunch or dinner on it!
And Kerry and Chuck, thanks for the posts- wish your squads the best of luck!!
Football is here... Can't Wait!

C'mon. No love for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panters? You know who this is....

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Speaking of winning , Ohio e-papierosy beats Penn State. My pal and fellow alumnus Rodger Ruff of AGC e-papierosy predicted it, and I did not listen.

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