From the Fabricator: Prepping for GlassBuild America 2018

Next week at this time, I’ll be in Las Vegas prepping for GlassBuild America. As I have been talking about on here for the last several weeks, I am very excited for this event and all that it has to offer; it’s going to be a good one! I assume at this point you’ve made your decision to attend or not. I surely hope you are going to be there as I think the benefits are extremely valuable. If for some reason you can’t attend, please follow on social media. I know that the GlassBuild America Twitter account as well as Glass Magazine's Twitter and Instagram will be active with details. I will be posting on my Twitter as well. That can be the next best thing to being there. As for the event itself, I just wanted to reiterate some of the high points to keep in mind.

Action Demos. I know many make sure never to miss the hurricane testing and that is back again this year. But it’s also joined by some other great demos, including UV bonding (great for diversity and profit growth), glass scratch removal (speaks for itself), frameless shower installs and glass railings (very popular products these days), glass lifters (safety matters, right?), and glazing seals (an everyday item that can be a difference maker). All in all, there’s a lot to learn. Visit the link here for times and details.

Express Learning. I will be doing my piece on social media but there are many excellent subjects that will be covered, including the economic forecast, getting paid on time, managing growth, codes, EPDs, edge grinding, recruiting and more. Seriously one of the best lineups of subjects yet. Times and details are here.

Two other items not previously mentioned by me: On night one of the show, there’s an on-floor opening reception. Before you hit Vegas, enjoy refreshments and fun on the floor. On day three of the show, the NGA Knowledge Bar will be open. Any questions you may have, experts will be on hand to answer, and I’ll be there to provide comic relief. 

Last but certainly not least, the exhibits and awesome exhibitors. Next week, I’ll give you a preview of what I see before the show opens, but I am confident we will have a jaw-dropping floor when it comes to the booths. Every year the exhibitors at GlassBuild America find ways to push their spaces to the next level and I expect the same for this year. I pity the judges of Best in Show because I am sure it’s going to be a tough call!

Any questions on the show, drop me a note. I look forward to seeing you there!


  • I have covered on here the goings on at the new Kansas City airport and this week there was an update on the design. With all of the delays, the airport probably won’t open until 2023 now. Crazy.
  • In some areas of our world there’s been pushback on the “open office” floor plan. It surely isn’t for everyone, but this piece does sum up its value. For me, I like the office floor plan that uses lots and lots of glass!
  • Last this week, there are a few of you who want my football picks…mostly to mock and be mad that I picked your team. (Since my track record is so bad.) So here goes. In college football, I’m going with the easy choice Roll Tide Alabama to win it all over Ohio State. In the pros, I’m going Carolina Panthers over Kansas City. Since everyone will be in Vegas next week, you now have four teams NOT to bet on.

Read on for links and video of the week…

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